Dr. Jack Kreindler talks about what the future will look like and providing a solution to decentralizing healthcare systems to create a better future for all of us.

Discrepancies in healthcare accessibility have been an issue since times immemorial. There has been a major divide in the distribution of resources related to the health and proper well-being of individuals. As a result, a lot of developed and developing countries are struggling with monopolies that exist in health institutions, and due to this, healthcare has become very central to only those who can afford it. There have been numerous studies that reveal how countries that had centralized healthcare were not able to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 situation. Health experts and governments around the world have given their resources into building high-end technologies and equipment for healthcare. This has decreased the availability and accessibility of health at local levels leaving the patients deprived of proper facilities around them.

In decentralizing healthcare around the world, the future will involve innovating ways of distributing services and diagnostic tools to be accessible globally. The future will consist of healthcare provided at the doorstep, cheaper and quicker diagnostics, and much lesser supply-chain issues. This will allow individuals to be a part of this advancement by upskilling themselves to learn basic emergency healthcare techniques. This will allow individuals to be local health ambassadors by upskilling themselves to learn the basics of emergency healthcare.