Ralph Simon and Ole Obermann, Global head of music for TikTok

Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon and Ole Obermann, Global head of music for TikTok.

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At the front end of innovation
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Speaker & Interviewer

Captivate your audience with fresh interviews & powerful talks.

Mobile and digital innovation expert Ralph Simon is a world-renowned speaker and moderator (previously at TED, TEDx, CogX, All about Music, …)

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Conference Curation

Let us curate and brainstorm to make your live & online event a global success.

Mobilium contributes ideation and expertise to some of the biggest live events ever, including Live 8, Al Gore’s Live Earth, TED Conference’s Pangea Day, FIFA World Cup, …

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Business Advising

Reach the next level with our high level advisory and angel investment.

We offer high-level advisory for innovative businesses, leaders and creatives who are looking to reach the next level on a global scale.

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Meet our Chief Executive Ralph Simon

Meet the super-conductor, who knows what’s coming next.

As pioneer and one of the founders of the modern mobile industry our founder Ralph Simon is popularly known as the father of the ringtone. He is a curious creative mind on a relentless search for the latest in mobile, platforms, devices and digital start-ups.

Meet Ralph Simon
What Mobilium & Ralph Simon are known for

  • Frequent TED Conference & TEDx speaker in the USA, India, Europe, the Baltics, the Nordics, Africa & South America
  • Popular & distinguished Speaker, interviewer & moderator at major international innovation conferences & the Mobile World Congress
  • Developed the world’s 1st commercial music ring tone service outside of Korea & Japan
  • Produced the world’s biggest live, televised events ever (Live 8 with Bono & Sir Bob Geldof, Al Gore’s Live Earth – world’s 1st global eco multi-country TV event, TED’s ‘Pangea Day’, FIFA World Cup …)
  • Built Africa’s first-ever Mobile Health Delivery Network
  • One of the world’s Top 50 executives in mobile innovation
  • Distinguished music publisher who signed The Village People, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Joy Division, & many more
  • Co-founded world’s most successful independent music company Jive Records (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake & more)
  • Created the 1st mobile content development company in the industry

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