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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Rise of the Machines

Mobilium’ Ralph Simon conducts globally significant experts in Artificial Intelligence, explaining how & why AI is bringing an earthquake of change to the world… Read More >>

Mobile World Congress 2018 – Keynote interview
Creating An Artificially Intelligent Future

Mobilium’s Ralph Simon interviews Ran Krauss, founder & CEO of Aerobotics Drones, the autonomous drone company… Read More >>


What Mobilium Global Is & Does

Mobilium Global Limited is the International mobile, wireless applications & connected company & high-level advisory & consulting group of companies that provides insight & strategy, platforms, applications and specialised mobile technologies to companies, clients & businesses world-wide in all aspects of mobile & connected device strategies, mobile health and the wellness industry, and to companies and clients around the world who need to bring a new strategic implementation and mobile intelligence to their operations, brands and national and international businesses.

Mobilium’s strong team of mobile professionals in the world’s ‘mobile capitals’, with extensive knowledge and experience in how to have an effective mobile, online and on-mobile strategy & foresight across the mobile platform and technology area, is how Mobilium has been creating specialised platforms for consumer and corporate clients for the past 10 years or more. We serve clients in over 60 countries on six continents, including tmature and developing countries. We place a huge emphasis on insightful guidance, expertise, ‘positive disruption’ & the effective use of trans-cultural intelligence to enhance your business and new product planning. Operating around the globe affords Mobilium first-hand exposure to the most effective mobile tools to enhance positive and disruptive mobile adoption, especially where that adoption has brought noticeable cultural and consumer behaviour changes and can help your company enhance its relevance, consumer and trade effectiveness and in profitability. We work with clients affected by fast-moving & shifting online & mobile landscapes to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration & effectiveness in the right geographic cultural context and with pertinent colloquial relevance. As part of our formal engagement, we advise & alert our worldwide clientele to the latest emerging trends, recommending early-stage opportunities best suited to their specific business, industry or corporate strategies.

We have offices in London, Los Angeles & Johannesburg, and also have very effective affiliate offices & operations in Mumbai and Helsinki.


Interview with Virtual Reality Master, Nolan Bushnell

Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global chief executive interviews the global tech visionary and Virtual Reality Master, Nolan Bushnell in Los Angeles recently. Bushnell founded Atari and the first video game, Pong and has been acknowledged as one of the world’s tech visionaries for nearly three decades. … Read More >>

Dateline Hong Kong: Quincy Jones interview

Quincy Jones being interviewed by Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon, on the keynote stage at the inaugural Creators Forum’ gathering of the MAMA Asian Music Awards event in the Asia Expo in Hong Kong. Quincy Jones enthralled the audience with wisdom drawn from a 60+ year career as a great record producer, Tv producer, media company owner and developer of great talent. … Read More >>

Interview with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia:

Dateline: Stockholm – Ralph Simon interviews the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, as part of the important and extraordinary gathering known as “Brilliant Minds” in Stockholm, Sweden. Brilliant Minds is organised by Spotify founder Daniel Ek, Skype founder Nikolas Zennstrom & Natalia Brzezinski, the curator extraordinaire of what has now become one of the world’s most important gatherings of the top innovation thinkers globally: … Read More >>

Mobilium & Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams:

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams and Ralph Simon in a stirring conversation at DLD, the extraordinary gathering that takes place in Munich at the start of the year. DLD is a great showcase for what’s coming next – in tech, and in what is affecting political and industry decisions around the world. Mobilium has a special insight into political strategy that affects digital and mobile businesses and brands. Jody Williams is also the founder of the Nobel Women’s Institute, the institution that specifically brings all of the world’s female Nobel Peace prize Laureates together for a very strong and unified voice for women and women’s issues around the world.: … Read More >>