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Demonstrating the latest tech innovation with Artificial Intelligence to His Royal Highness, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Left to right: Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, HRH Prince William and Keith Boesky, co-director of Mobilium Global.

Mobilium Global Limited is a group of internationally connected companies in mobile, innovation, technology, education and health.

We provide high-level advisory, insight, intelligence, strategy, platforms, devices, applications and techonolgies to businesses and clients around the globe. We focus on all aspects of mobile and connected device strategies, mobile health, and the wellness industry and help clients who need to bring new strategic implementations and mobile intelligence to their operations. Mobilium has been creating specialized platforms for consumer and corporate clients for the past 10 years or more.

Our offices and affiliate operations

Mobilium’s strong team of mobile professionals in the world’s ‘mobile capitals’ has extensive knowledge and experience in effective mobile and digital strategy and foresight across diverse platforms and technologies.

Operating around the globe affords Mobilium first-hand exposure to the most effective mobile tools to enhance positive and disruptive mobile adoption, especially where that adoption has brought noticeable cultural and consumer behavior changes and can help your company enhance its relevance, consumer and trade effectiveness and in profitability. We work with clients affected by fast-moving and shifting digital landscapes to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration and effectiveness in the right geographic cultural context and with pertinent colloquial relevance.

We place a huge emphasis on insightful guidance, expertise, ‘positive disruption’ and the effective use of trans-cultural intelligence to enhance your business and new product planning.

As part of our formal engagement, we advise and alert our worldwide clientele to the latest emerging trends, recommending early-stage opportunities best suited to their specific business, industry or corporate strategies.

Professional Affiliations

We work with a variety of organizations representing the interests of the mobile and wireless industries around the world.

Highlights of our affiliations
  • Global Jury Member at the World Summit Awards
  • Global Advisory Board at Wireless Life Science Alliance
  • Global Advisory Board at the African Leadership Network
  • Faculty Member of Singularity University’s Exponential
    Medicine arm
  • Founder of the North Americas arm of the MEF
  • Ambassador for CTIA – The Wireless Association
  • Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts
  • Key adviser and close associate of All That Matters
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London
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Our clients

We serve clients in over 60 countries on six continents, including developing and mature countries.

We’re enhancing our clients’ mobile businesses and platforms and offer globally mobile “Positive Disruption” and strategic counsel & advice. Our considerable experience over many years plus international trans-cultural strategic expertise has very real impact value in today’s multi-cultural business, product and platform development environment. Operating around the globe affords Mobilium Global first-hand insight and exposure to understanding the urgency of deploying effective “positive disruption” across all aspects of mobile implementation, devices and smartphones. Today’s globalised business imperatives and the need for specialised “gamification” is key in growing revenues and business for companies involved in content, online customer value and acquisition in media, business strategy, and the fast-growing areas of connected health, wellness and exponential medicine.

We work closely with clients affected by the shifting landscapes in established & global markets to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration that have contextual and colloquial relevance in the markets & conditions our clients operate in. As part of our engagement, we brief & alert our worldwide clientele to pertinent emerging trends relevant to their businesses and recommend specific action plans and targeted strategies that specifically enhance our clients’ businesses & objectives.