Conference Curation

Let us curate and brainstorm to make your live & online event a global success.

Mobilium has contributed expertise and produced some of the biggest live, televised events ever – Live 8, Al Gore’s Live Earth, TED Conference’s Pangea Day & many more.

Mobilium has been featured in various TED and TEDx conferences around the world and also worked with the producing team for all live entertainment during the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer in South Africa. We did so too, for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We are often called upon to guide and advise governments, corporations, international media companies and major brands for cross-media global TV events around the world, and have a dedicated strategic unit that brings specialized expertise to this area for clients, companies and governments.

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Ralph Simon served as the mobile producer for Live 8 – among the highest-profile, live global broadcast events in recent history with an international television audience of over 800,000,000 viewers. Illustration: Matthias Jungwirth

Photos: Nick Stern, Dave Bushe / Creative Commons
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