“When Ralph Simon was a child in Johannesburg in the 1950s, his mother gave him some advice. She said, ‘Don’t be a human being. Be a human doing.’ Young Ralph listened. He really listened.

Over the course of a 50 year career in music, he committed himself to doing. What did he do? It’s hard to know where to start. How about…

  • Publishing YMCA
  • Running a 360 degree music agency 40 years before anyone else
  • Pioneering crossover hip-hop in the US
  • Discovering Will Smith
  • Helping Radiohead conquer the US
  • ‘Inventing’ the ringtone

Yes, Simon is the Zelig of the music business. And not just because he’s on the short side and wears big glasses. Look back over every big music industry trend of the last half century, and you’ll find Simon close by.

He’s seen it all. No, he’s done it all. And – more extraordinarily – he’s still doing it.”

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