The founder of Cog X, the world’s leading summit & conference on Artificial Intelligence, VR, AR, Crypto & Blockchain, Charlie Muirhead (2nd from the left) together with the special speakers at the inaugural session at Cog X taking place in London’s Kings Cross

l to r: Alex Barkaloff, Senior Vice President of Los Angeles-based XSolla & x.LA, one of the world’s top WEB3 companies specialising in the monetising of digital goods within video games; Charlie Muirhead – creator & founder of the Cognition X Summit, now the world’s largest and most significant summit for Artificial Intelligence, VR, AR, Crypto, Blockchain and all aspects of modern technologies; Victor Fredell, CIO at Pophouse Entertainment, the Swedish entertainment giant who funded, produced & oversees the ground-breaking arena show & production known as the “ABBA Voyage” experience & sold-out hit attraction with packed audiences for the next 15 months; Ms Megan Elliott- Director of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Creative Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA – one of the world’s education leaders & Moderator and interviewer Ralph Simon, chief executive of Mobilium Global.

Ralph conducted this riveting session at Cognition X, giving the audience a taste & peep into some of the most significant innovations in WEB3, entertainment , AI, VR, AR & creativity, drawing an outstanding reaction from the packed audience of CogX attendees.