Video of Ralph Simon interviewing the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr Jody Williams – who won the Nobel Peace Prize for getting over 180 countries to sign the `Treaty that bans Landmines and removes them from usage.

Getting ready for the opening keynote session at the 2022 4Gamechangers Festival and innovation conference in Vienna – with interviewer and moderator Ralph Simon of Mobilium Global.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams & Mobilium Global founder & keynote interviewer Ralph Simon preparing to hit the stage for Ms Wiliams’ riveting interview at the 2022 4Gamechangers Festival. Jody Williams won the Nobel Peace Prize for getting some 190 countries to ban the use of landmines and in doing so, changed the fundamentals of modern military warfare. She is also a major global activist in all military conflict area, and especially Ukraine where she has been a world leader in raising the issue of “Rape as a Weapon of War”. Jody is the only living female American Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

l to r: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ms Jody Williams in her keynote opening session and interview with Ralph Simon, the distinguished moderator and interviewer and head of Mobilium Global. Jody enthralled the audience with her insightful and impactive address.