New York City – History-making Women show how:

l to r: Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon & Connie Lim, the great singer/ songwriter whose landmark song “Quiet ? – I Can’t Keep Quiet”, became the global anthem of The Women’s March on Washington and around the world the day after Trump’s inauguration, & ‘Pussyhat’ Project founder Krista Suh, whose pink protest hat got thousands of the 1.5m women marching on Washington & more world-wide wearing the Pink Pussyhat, & activating the global ‘Pussyhat’ protest. Connie Lim said: “Once the Trump election happened I said, ‘Sorry, ladies, I have to release ‘Quiet’ and I will do it now’. That set off an unlikely chain of events that landed Connie in D.C. where she joined a group of strangers she’d only rehearsed with one time, to perform the single over-and-over for adoring crowds. Among them was filmmaker Alma Har’el, who captured a performance on her smartphone in a video that went viral & has since been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times to become the global anthem for women in the now unstoppable 21st century women’s movement, creating the modern era’s definitive global protest song. Political passion personified !