CognitionX Founders congratulate the compelling speakers and moderator for their outstanding session at CognitionX in London’s Kings Cross which was titled:  “The Business of Entertainment – How Tech is transforming the way we play

l to r:  Alex Barkaloff – Founding Member & director of “x.LA”; CognitionX co-founder & Festival Director, Charlie Muirhead; PopHouse  Entertainment Group C.I.O & ABBA executive producer Victor Fredell; Professor Megan Elliot – Founding Director of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging `Media Arts at the USA’s University of Nebraska-Lincoln that supports creativity, innovation, technology & next-gen story-telling; Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph SImon who was the interviewer & moderator of this highly popular CogX session.

Alex Barkaloff – Founding Member,; Professor Megan Elliott – Founding Director, The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, University of Nebraska & co-founder of X Media Lab;   Mobilium Global chief executive,  Ralph Simon;  & Pophouse Entertainment Group, Stockholm, Sweden’s C.I.O. & Executive Producer of ABBA, Victor Fredell – taking a bow  & applauded by the audience at the CognitionX  Festival 2022.

Cognition X Leadership session on the Summit Stage at CognitionX Festival, Kings Cross, London