In this compelling episode of “The Smartest People in the Room” series, interviewer Ralph Simon has a deep-dive chat with one of the most important and celebrated creative thinkers, music and record producers and modern-day innovation technologists, Los Angeles-based Albhy Galuten. Albhy has had a stellar career starting as a music and record producer that led him to produce the Bee Gees’ classic “Saturday Night Fever” album, and then on to produce recordings by Eric Clapton, Barbra Streisand, The Eagles, Diana Ross Rod Stewart, Jellyfish Aretha Franklin and No Doubt. He has invented various ground-breaking patents & developed vital tech standards that have driven the development of the Enhanced CD & iPod, the very technology that allows modern-day music streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music and the optimisation of digital media. He also invented the “digital drum loop” which is now a standard tool in any modern-day recording. Ralph takes Albhy – winner of 3 Grammys & recordings that have sold more than 100,000,000 copies – through the momentous and tumultuous progressions in his ground-breaking career – in a session that you will find quite magnetic.