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What Mobilium Global Is & Does

Mobilium Global Limited is the International mobile, wireless applications & connected company & high-level advisory & consulting group of companies that provides insight & strategy, platforms, applications and specialized mobile technologies to companies, clients & businesses worldwide in all aspects of mobile & connected device strategies, mobile health, and the wellness industry, and to companies and clients around the world who need to bring a new strategic implementation and mobile intelligence to their operations, brands and national and international businesses.

Mobilium’s strong team of mobile professionals in the world’s ‘mobile capitals’, with extensive knowledge and experience in how to have an

 effective mobile, online and on-mobile strategy & foresight across the mobile platform and technology area, is how Mobilium has been creating specialized platforms for consumer and corporate clients for the past 10 years or more. We serve clients in over 60 countries on six continents, including mature and developing countries. We place a huge emphasis on insightful guidance, expertise, ‘positive disruption’ & the effective use of trans-cultural intelligence to enhance your business and new product planning. Operating around the globe affords Mobilium first-hand exposure to the most effective mobile tools to enhance positive and disruptive mobile adoption, especially where that adoption has brought noticeable cultural and consumer 

 behavior changes and can help your company enhance its relevance, consumer and trade effectiveness and in profitability. We work with clients affected by fast-moving & shifting online & mobile landscapes to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration & effectiveness in the right geographic cultural context and with pertinent colloquial relevance. As part of our formal engagement, we advise & alert our worldwide clientele to the latest emerging trends, recommending early-stage opportunities best suited to their specific business, industry or corporate strategies.

We have offices in London, Los Angeles & Johannesburg, and also have very effective affiliate offices & operations in Mumbai and Helsinki.


We Focus On The Following Globally

  • Advise a world-wide cluster of clients and companies about how they can ensure optimum effectiveness for their business using latest multi-cultural mobile & mobile tech platforms including Customer monetisation & Blockchain
  • Relentlessly seek out best new mobile strategies & breakthrough technologies from significant multicultural R&D from leading innovation hubs world-wide
  • Developing the latest mobile & online apps & platforms in the fast-growing areas of Connected Health, Exponential Medicine and Mobile Wellness, Blockchain, and the latest best practice of “Positive Disruption”
  • Significantly help clients & companies understand how best to advance your local & international business by implementing best practices of multi-culturalism, bridge-building, best mobile product usage & strategic expression and, most significantly, best use of contextually relevant ‘disruption’ strategies & localized context.
  • Our contextual expertise on a global international basis helps your company & your products to significantly grow & enhance your business, your product & brand creativity, and inspire a passionate following of your product or services, innovation & globalisation.
  • Mobilium Global helps your company & brand & product category enhance its consumer & enterprise connectivity, leading to growth, increased revenue & greater brand awareness, all through the seamless integration of mobile technologies, device apps, & tailoring the international effectiveness of your business in all aspects of mobile implementation for your product, service and apps.
  • Unleash opportunity, higher performance, excellent results, & a better experience, anytime, anywhere.
  • Crafting highly effective Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality platforms and Mixed Reality glasses & display products.
  • Significantly helping your business develope mobile growth & technological advancement across all of Africa, the BRIC countries & Latin America, India & Asia-Pacific
Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon

CEO, Mobilium Global

Ralph Simon is acknowledged as one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment & content industry. Over the last 19 years, he has been a prominent global mobile trailblazer & innovator, helping grow the mobile entertainment, mobile health and mobile content industries,  while playing a central global role in its impact and presence. Today, mobile is the key platform to reach over 7.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. He is a distinguished mobile visionary & innovator, and popularly known as “the father of the ring tone”. His unique understanding of what drives world-wide mobile business models, smartphone lifestyles, multi-screen creativity and the latest mobile app development & innovation is internationally recognized.  He co-founded and grew Zomba / Jive Records into  a major independent global label and publisher, and then created & grew the world’s first international commercial ring tone service.  One of the world’s top 50 executives in mobile since 2005.  He is also respected as a provocative moderator interviewer, & is a sought-after high level entrepreneur advisor, always knowledgeable about what’s coming next in mobile from around the wiorld.  He is relentlessly searching for the hottest mobile new social media apps, platforms, & global innovation, & knows just how to reach the world’s “Screenagers“. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK  & the National Academy of Recorded Arts & Sciences in North America.  He is based in the Mobilium offices in London.

For Ralph Simon’s full bio please click here

Mobilium Awarded Special

‘Ambassador of The Year’

Mobilium and their CEO, Ralph Simon, were honored, at the prestigious annual gathering of the top business leaders and digerati in the ‘new’ Africa – the African Leadership Network  (ALN)- with their first-ever award, as the Ambassador of the Year of the Africa Leadership Network.  This inaugural award is given to an individual whose efforts have gone above and beyond expectation to enhance the working, impact, and significance of the ALN.

For the last 10 years, the African Leadership Network (ALN) has become one of the most influential executive groups of young innovators & leaders in Africa. Their annual conference, which takes place in a different African capital each year, is always a major gathering of the future leaders of Africa, attracting the top business & digital leaders from across Africa. The 2019 ALN took place in Accra, Ghana at which ALN co-founders, Fred Swaniker & Acha Like were present.

The World Summit Awards

Selecting Innovation With Impact on Society Globally 







What Are The World Summit Awards? 

The World Summit Awards are a highly diverse and democratic award system, that selects and promotes the world’s best digital innovation with impact on society.

World Summit Award has been initiated in 2003 in the framework of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS). World Summit Award contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda by recognizing local digital content with an impact on society, demonstrating the richness and diversity of innovative applications

To date, more than 178 countries are actively involved, with a daily growing network of thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, government and business representatives and young founders

The World Summit Awards are a global hub for everyone who values the crucial importance of local content to make today’s information society more inclusive.

Be it an app to help the blind using smartphones, or a website reanimating history–  the World Summit Awards offer a platform for those, who think beyond the box.

Professional Affiliations

                       We have expertise in all aspects of the mobile industry, mobile phones, wireless technologies, and global usage. Mobilium is often called upon to provide confidential advice and/or expert opinion on product development, apps development, international validity, and viability, and also advice in legal and copyright matters related to mobile usage, entertainment, technology IP, distribution, creative rights, etc.

We work with the following organizations representing the interests of the mobile and wireless industries around the world:

  • Singularity University – the world’s leading university of the future impacting billions of people worldwide
  • GSMA – the GSM Association – the global mobile & wireless trade industry body.
    The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting more than 750 operators with almost 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organizations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces the industry-leading MWC events held annually in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Shanghai, as well as the Mobile 360 Series of regional conferences.
  • The African Leadership Network –The unique & important pan-African Network of Africa’s most dynamic & influential business & technology leaders & innovators who are bringing fundamental positive change to modern-day Africa by: celebrating & promoting entrepreneurship as the surest way for Africa to achieve prosperity, & (2): creating & strengthening relationships between leaders in Africa such that these relationships can lead to greater intra-African trade, investment, partnership, & collaboration. 3) Aligning with the African Leadership University initiative for Africa that is planning to grow 3m African leaders across business,, government & industry in the next 6,000 days.
  • The World Summit Awards – The United Nations-linked global search & international competition to find the best new apps, platforms & technologies that reinforce & support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to make a difference around the world. Over 160 UN Member states enter the WSA competition. The winners of this prestigious competition always see substantial benefits & visibility as a result. The 2020 Congress & Awards will take place in March, in Vienna, Austria. This is the global initiative of the United Nations’ World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) selecting the world’s most outstanding e-Content, and putting the UN-WSIS targets for the Information Society into action. We act as a Global Jury Member.
  • MEF Mobile (Mobile Eco-System Forum) – the MEF is a global trade body that acts as an influential & authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile eco-system globally. Providing members with a global & cross-sector platform for networking, collaboration & advancing industry solutions, the MEF:
    a) Offers a market entry for companies expanding their mobile business globally;             
    b) Shares data insights to improve monetization or create new mobile opportunities;
    c) Shapes the evolving mobile eco-system by promoting trusted & sustainable business models;
    d) Informs about new market concepts & innovations;
    e) Advocates industry best practice & sustainable business models;
    f) Drives thought leadership & industry visibility across the mobile eco-system.
    Mobilium founded the North Americas arm of the MEF in the early 2000’s.
  • CTIA (The Wireless Association) – North America & Hispano-America’s leading mobile industry trade association & policy body. We have acted over a number of years as the CTIA’s Global Ambassador helping shape the CTIA’s global reach and also, hosting keynote talks at the annual CTIA Mobile world Congress in Los Angeles, which focuses on the mobile industry in the Americas.
  • NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences USA) – a member of NARAS
  • Wireless Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) – the global body based in San Diego, California, that is shaping the future of connected devices connected health and wellness industries and the latest technologies and telecommunication developments in all aspects of Global Health. We serve on the global advisory board
  • MIDEM – social media convention held each start of the year in Cannes, France
  • All That Matters APAC including Music Matters, Digital Matters, Marketing Matters, It’s A Girl Thing, Video Games Matters – Asia-Pacific’s leading convention & conference for the global social media, social music & video games industries: – Mobilium Global is a key advisor, program organizer & close associate & advisor to Branded Asia Limited, the producers and organizers of All That Matters world-wide
  • METAL International – Media Entertainment Technology Alpha Leaders – the Los Angeles, California based association of Hollywood’s top decision-makers in Social Media, Entertainment & Tech
  • The Royal Society of Arts, London – Fellow of the RSA. For over 200 years, the RSA has been the pre-eminent body in the UK driving design, social innovation, & commercial innovation thinking, with a global Fellowship made up of some of the world’s leading thinkers, innovators & positive change-agents. Ralph Simon & Mobilium Global are Fellows of the RSA – full name: The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (The RSA).
  • The Global Fund –  this Geneva-based international institution finances the fights AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria with a 21st-century approach: partnership, transparency, constant learning and results-based funding around the world. Mobilium Global and Mobilium Africa work closely with the Global Fund supporting their efforts to tackle the 3 major pandemics in Africa, HIV/Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis. The Global Fund is featured on Mobilium’s Pan-African Mobile Health Delivery Network is known as the Smart Health App.
  • We advise & give experienced counsel to governments, I.C.T. Ministers & senior leaders in mobile, social media, technology & innovation development in a number of countries. Our focus in 2020-2022 is both in the major international mobile markets with specific attention to & on Emerging Markets in Africa (East, West, & South), Latin America, South Asia & Indonesia. To this end we always attend the Ministerial Summit of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona each February.
  • Mobile Education – Mobilium is an associate with former British Prime Minster & UN Special Advisor on Education, The Hon. Gordon Brown & his Business Education Coalition, advising on ways in which new forms of education can be developed on mobile devices for learners & schools around the world.

Our Clients

Enhancing our client’s mobile businesses & platforms Globally
Mobile “Positive Disruption” & Strategic Counsel & Advice

Mobilium serves clients across over 60 countries on six continents, including the BRICs & African countries. Our considerable experience over many years plus international trans-cultural strategic expertise has very real impact value in today’s multi-cultural business & product & platform development environment. Operating around the globe affords Mobilium Global first-hand insight & exposure to understanding the urgency of deploying effective “positive disruption” across all aspects of mobile implementation, devices & smartphones. Today’s globalised business imperatives and the need for specialised “gamification” is key in growing revenues & business for companies involved in content, online customer value & acquisition in media, business strategy, and the fast-growing areas of connected health, wellness & exponential medicine.

We work closely with clients affected by the shifting landscapes in established & global markets to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration that have contextual and colloquial relevance in the markets & conditions our clients operate in. As part of our engagement, we brief & alert our worldwide clientele to pertinent emerging trends relevant to their businesses and recommend specific action plans and targeted strategies that specifically enhance our clients’ businesses & objectives.

Mobile Health & Wellness Industries and Technologies: 

Mobilium Global and our Mobilium Africa Health and Wellness practice, are leaders and pioneers in the fast-growing area of Mobile Health and Wellness. Increasingly, mobile phone and tablet users are now accessing significant Health and Wellness platforms, applications and business opportunities in what is progressively becoming a new & pertinent business development area. Mobilium Global’s team in Africa, Mobilium Africa, has architected, developed and built Africa’s first-ever Mobile Health Delivery Network, which is delivered through Africa’s leading telco operator. 

Mobile Health and Wellness is a platform of interest to governments’ Health Ministeries, insurance groups, apps developers and consumers alike. It will continue to be a focus of growth and focus in the coming 5 years. Mobilium Global & Mobilium Africa are leaders in the area of Exponential Connected Health & Wellness development, ‘Personal Telemetry and the future of smartphone diagnostics for health & wellness

Social Media, Entertainment & Mobile Health / Wellness Industries

Mobilium is one of the world’s leading specialists in all aspects of mobile commerce & business in the areas of: Mobile health, Emerging Markets’ expertise, and in the social media & entertainment content industries internationally, ranging from media conglomerates healthcare providers, government bodies and all businesses that now need to deploy “mobile” and “Positive Disruption” in their operating businesses. We apply best practices cross-culturally – and work with specialist teams experienced in mobile integration, content development, and platform architecture – to ensure that every client has robust, revenue-generating and effective mobile platforms and content for reaching an ever-expanding, sophisticated & international smartphone & tablet-using client base & audience.


Mobilium provides advisory services on a formal and informal basis for a range of major telecommunications carriers around the world. Please contact us for additional information

Handset Makers:

Mobilium provides confidential advisory and knowledge services on a formal and informal basis to top handset makers around the world. Please contact us for additional information

Major Global Events and Global Television Events:

 Mobilium has contributed expertise to some of the biggest live, televised events ever – Live 8, Al Gore’s Live Earth, TED Conference’s Pangea Day & many more. Mobilium has been featured in various TED & TEDx conferences around the world & also worked with the producing team for all live entertainment during the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer in South Africa. We did so too, for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We are often called upon to guide and advise governments, corporations, international media companies and major brands for cross-media global TV events around the world, and have a dedicated strategic unit that brings specialized expertise to this area for clients, companies and governments.

Discovering & spotting best new mobile & social media start-ups around the world:

Mobilium Global is constantly on a relentless search for the best new mobile start-ups around the world in the areas of Exponential Health & Wellness, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR & VR, Cyber Security, Fin Tech, Government Technologies, Agricultural Tech, Educational Tech, & Media & Mobile Content platforms that are major change agents for Social Media around the world. Our focus with these start-ups is always to look for companies and platforms that have specific local contextual relevance & can change the world of mobile. Mobilium has funded start-ups and helped baby companies grow their revenue and reach, ultimately resulting in an acquisition.  We welcome your inquiry.

We have our pulse on today’s “Screenagers” & commercial mobile users, & have our ear to tomorrow’s. Our ability to interface with infrastructure providers, telco operators, and media companies, plus our intimate understanding of large-scale social media production, puts Mobilium in an optimal position to help your company “mobilize” for the future.