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The Global Mobile Warrior is on the road this coming autumn quarter.  See our timetable on the website for where we have been and are going this year.


Africa, Russia, Canada, Holland, Finland, India, Colombia, Austria, USA  – just a few of the countries Mobilium is interfacing with and adding to the mobile conversation and developments in the mobile landscape and sphere.

Great new mobile developments in Eastern & Central Europe.

Hot new developments in mobile money and mobile commerce in Africa, and the exciting and fast-developing area of Mobile Health & Wellness in Africa – such a key new industry that is going to shape and save millions of lives in the “new” Africa..


The year is coming to a great climax as the Mobilium team and the Global Mobile Warrior make their way to Mumbai, New Delhi and Calcutta in India.  We will be participating in the FICCI Frames Calcutta, as well as keynoting at the important Infotech 2012 in West Bengal’s capital city, Calcutta.


Take a look at our Calendar for some of the exciting events we will be participating in, interviewing some of the world’s leading luminaries and also keynoting at some key events that help shape the global Creative Industries, and also the global industry shaping Mobile Health and Wellness.