New Business Initiatives

Mobilium’s Global Moonshot for Education & AI, ML, Blockchain & developing “The Virtuosos” content & entertainment project

2019 is a banner year for Mobilium Global and it’s various international activities and business initiatives. This year will see a major education initiative at Mobilium Global. We have established a special alignment and association with world-leading educator, Mrs. Esther Wojcicki, who latest book, “How to Raise Successful People” reflects the highly successful teaching system that Esther has led in Silicon Valley for the past three decades. Esther is known as coaching students and undergraduates, how to have deep layered journalistic skills – the perfect training for developing critical thinking, writing and presentation skills, digital content design, and implementation. This successful program and initiative have become internationally renowned as Esther has been able to evolve a new way of educating and teaching, wholly suitable for the modern era and preparing students for the jobs and the industries of the future. We will be launching the Moonshot and Esther’s teaching matrix in a number of countries and territories in 2019 and 2020. These will include: Africa (where we will be working with the African Leadership Universities and its curricula; Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Austria, and in 2020, Latin America. We will also be constructing specialized learnings for the students of California in a special program we will reveal more on later in the summer.

2019 will also see our continuing involvement in the Blockchain area, where we have a number of initiatives with our international partners. We are also involved in various projects that call for a skilled and experienced understanding of Artificial Intelligence and also Machine Learning – key elements of the modern era.

In addition, our London team is also involved in unique entertainment, content and performance initiative known as “The Virtuosos”. Our creative development team will be developing a music-linked project that has discovered and will develop a new generation of brilliant virtuosos – whose brilliant instrumental and performance skills will hopefully spread around the world. More information on this later in the summer of 2019.

Africa’s Health & Wellness

Mobilium Africa’s Health & Wellness division to launch the first Safe Syringe Manufacturing Facility with Lifesaver patented products.