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Dateline: London – British Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May,

… meeting with Mobilium Global chief executive, Ralph Simon and hearing  him describe to the PM about Mobilium Global’s expertise with  “Screenagers” in the United Kingdom and world-wide.

Dateline: London

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer the Rt Hon. Phillip Hammond having a chat with Mobilium Global Chief executive Ralph Simon.  The Chancellor was formerly the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth in the UK Cabinet,  and is known for his keen understanding of global finance, foreign affairs policy & global economic development.  He will be playing a leading role in resolving Britain’s Brexit economic issues.

Dateline: Wyndhams Theatre, London

r. to l. Sir Patrick Stewart & Mobilium Global Chief Executive Ralph Simon, backstage, having a chat after last night’s performance of “No Man’s Land”, the classic Harold Pinter play, starring Sir Patrick & Sir Ian McKellen, in its sold-out run at this famous London West End theatre that has presented great plays & acting talent for the last 117 years. Sir Patrick is world-renowned for his 17-year run & role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek TV series & movies, & recently, for playing Professor Charles Xavier in 6 different X-Men movies & video games.

Dateline: Marrakech, Morocco

The combined group that features all of the Digital Champions and finalists in the recent Africa 4 Tech pan-African competition to find the best new companies in Africa in Health, Education, Fin Tech and Media.  Organised by Gilles Babinet, the French government’s Digital Champion and Ms Stephane-Eloise Gras, Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon, pictured 4th from the left, was one of the international judges of this important Africa competition.

Dateline: Vancouver, Canada

l. to r. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, the honourable Tshering Tobgay chatting with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon:

Prime Minister Tobgay is an inspirational & highly respected national leader. Business Week rated Bhutan the happiest country in Asia and the 8th happiest in the world. Bhutan is located on the eastern Himalayas between Tibet & the Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal & Assam. Since the 17th century, the official name of Bhutan has been Dru Ü , the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and was inhabited as early as 2000 BC. In November 2008, 28-year-old Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, eldest son of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, was crowned King. Bhutan is viewed as a global model for proactive conservation initiatives. The Kingdom has received international acclaim for its commitment to the maintenance of its biodiversity, reflected in the decision to maintain at least 60% of the land area under forest cover & designate more than 40% of its territory as national parks, reserves & other protected areas. Bhutan has a number of progressive environmental policies that have caused the head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to call it an “inspiration and role model for the world on how economies and different countries can address climate change, while at the same time improving the life of the citizen”. Bhutan has the second fastest-growing economy in the world, with an annual economic growth rate of 22.4 percent. Their largest export is hydroelectricity. Bhutan has a rich & unique cultural heritage remaining largely intact, because of its isolation from the rest of the world until the mid-20th century.

Dateline: Los Angeles

Distinguished world-wide  TV interviewer and broadcaster Larry King gives Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon a ‘cheerful earful’.

King Games & Candy Crush co-founder Riccardo Zacconi,

… meets Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon at the Founders Forum in Paris, France.  Candy Crush is one of the most successful mobile games ever created and Riccardo and his team showed creative genius in making King Games a driving force world-wide in video and mobile games.   King Games was recently sold for over $5bn.

French Presidential hopeful and contender,

… M Emmanuel Macron chatting with Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon, in Paris recently.  M Macron was formerly the Digital Economy Minister in President Hollande’s government in France and is now running to be a future French President.

Mobilium Global meets the UK’s Digital Technology Minister Matt Hancock

Seen l. to r   Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon in conversation with the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, the Digital Technology & Economy Minister & former Minister for the Cabinet & Paymaster-General in the current British government.  Minister Hancock was previously the Cabinet Minister responsible for digitising and modernising all of the British government departments and is a major British in-government innovator.

Dateline: Bratislava, Slovakia

Meeting with the President of Slovakia, the Hon. Andrej Kiska and his Prime Minister at a special summit in the Slovakian capital.  2016 is the year in  which Slovakia heads the European Union, an honour and engagement that rotates every 6 months between members of the European Union.  Mobilium Global was specially invited to meet with the President to discuss ways in which innovation and mobile tech could be accelerated in Slovakia and the Central European region.  Pictured l. to r.:  Stefan Klein, inventor of the world’s first flying motor car, Slovakian President the Hon. Andrej Kiska, Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon & Juraj Vaculik, Chief Executive of Aeromobil, the Slovakian company that invented and has built the world’s first flying motor car.

l)  Exponential Medicine Summit, San Diego – October 2015

Global Health & Democratizing Care:

Building the future of African health, hospitals and medical care – keynote interview at the Exponential Medicine Summit in San Diego.  l. to r.  Lauren Driscoll, Executive Director, Village Health Works, USA; Mobilium Global chief executive & moderator, Ralph Simon; Dr Deogratias Niyizonkiza, Founder & CEO of Village Health works, Burundi & New York City

 Exponential Medicine 2016.

Program is here:



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Dateline: Marrakesh, Morocco

At the opening Plenary of “Africa 4 Tech”, the important gathering of key African & global innovators in Morocco this week, developing solutions that Globalise African innovations & Africanise Global innovations: l. to r. Mamoun Bouhboud, Minister Delegate to the Moroccan Minister of the Digital Economy, Trade, Industry & Investment & appointee of H.M. King Mohammed VI; co-founder of ‘Africa 4 Tech’ & global innovation visionary, Gilles Babinet; Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon; & acclaimed tech visioneer, Juliana Rotich – co-founder of Ushahidi (Kenya), Executive Director of & successful tech entrepreneur

Dateline: Moscow, Russia

l. to r. Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon chatting with Nikolai Anatolyevich Nikiforov, Russian Minister of Communications & Mass Media at the Open Innovations Forum this week in Moscow where both were speakers. Nikiforov is the youngest government minister in the history of Russia – appointed at age 29 by President Dmitri Medvedev. Involved in implementing innovative developments in the government’s communications network & education system, & helped develop a program to introduce e-government across Russia.

Dateline: Amsterdam, Netherlands

ADE: “Amsterdam Dance Event” – sold out for the 10th consecutive year, ADE is the biggest Club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres & now the biggest music conference gathering worldwide: Key session – Top Tech Companies to Watch – l. to r. Blockchain guru & Founder/CEO of IBT Tech, Hans Stuurkenboom explains to moderator, Mobilium Global Chief Executive Ralph SImon, how IBT Tech can change the Electronic Music business & provide a secure blockchain base for contracts, deals, ‘stems’ & mixes. ADE showcased 10 top tech companies in music tech.

Dateline: Yerevan, Armenia & Baroness Cox

l. to r. Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global chief executive, & the remarkable Baroness Caroline Cox, former Deputy Speaker in the UK House of Lords & Commander Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland; the Wilberforce Award; the International Mother Teresa Award from the All India Christian Council; the Mkhitar Gosh Medal conferred by the President of the Republic of Armenia; and the anniversary medal presented by Lech Walesa – flanked by organisers of the Eurasian International Forum of Eurasian Partners. Founder of Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, Baroness Cox is a distinguished global emergency relief architect & revered in many countries around the globe. This is her 86th visit to Armenia where her heroic work following devastating Armenian earthquakes helped stabilise Armenia.

Dateline: Yerevan, Armenia

l. to r. His Royal Highness Prince Fahad Bin Mansour Bin Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudia Arabia & Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon, after their meeting with the President of Armenia, the Hon. Serzh Sargsyan, at the Presidential Compound in Yerevan. President Sargsyan met with them & the organisers of the important 1st Eurasian Economic Union Forum Summit, held this week in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. Armenia is a country of great promise & consequence.

Dateline: San Diego – ‘Exponential Medicine’: the annual future of health gathering

“Human genome data analyses suggest we could well live to be 120 years old” said Peter Diamandis, Singularity University co-founder & Executive Chairman, seen here chatting with presenter & Mobilium Global chief executive, Ralph Simon. Peter founded the X Prize Foundation, the International Space University & co-founded Human Longevity Inc. with Dr Craig Venter, one of the first to decipher the human genome. Their revolutionary company, Human Longevity Inc., is forever changing our perception of longevity.

Dateline: Tel Aviv – French Cabinet Minister for the Digital Sector: Ms. Axelle Lemaire

l. to r. Ralph Simon, Chief Executive of Mobilium Global meets the French Cabinet Minister of State for the Digital Sector, Mdme Axelle Lemaire, & chats about the French government’s Digital Innovation strategy & France’s global digital vision. Ms Lemaire understands that the future belongs to “screenagers”, of which France has millions.

Dateline: Singapore – Music Matters 2016

l. to r. Arthur Fogel, Chairman of Global Music & President of Global Touring, Live Nation, in the keynote interview with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon, at Asia-Pacific’s important annual digital & entertainment conference, “All That Matters”/Digital Matters/Music Matters. Arthur, who flew to Singapore to keynote, has produced & organised the top-grossing concert tours of all time with U2, Madonna, Beyonce & many more, & made a big impact with his keynote in Asia.

Dateline: Singapore – The Sultan of Start-Ups

l. to r. Dave McClure, legendary VC, founder & CEO of ‘500 Start Ups’ & Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global CEO, after McClure’s riveting keynote at the All That Matters Asia-Pac conference, telling how he & his global teams find & invest in the world’s latest, hottest start up companies & platforms with high success percentages.

Dateline: Singapore – with Superwoman !!


l. to r. !!Superwoman!! aka Lily Singh, & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon on stage in the Mastercard Theatre, Singapore.
Lily is the global You Tube sensation, personality, vlogger, commedienne, actress & rapper a.k.a. !!Superwoman!!. With over 1.5bn video views & 10m subscribers, Lily is in the top 10 highest-paid You Tube stars ever. Lily just headlined the great new Asia-Pac event & gathering “It’s a Girl Thing”, produced by Jasper Donat & his great Branded Asia team. A landmark event for Asia !

Dateline: London – at the pre-release screening of “Eight days A Week” – The Beatles’ movie

l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon with acclaimed Beatles’ movie director Ron Howard & Jeff Jones, the great exec who runs all of the Beatles’ businesses, at the pre-release screening of ‘Eight Days A Week’ – the amazing movie revealing the short & historic time when the Beatles played live around the world. No wonder the band were known as The Fab Four !

Dateline: Hyde Park, London – The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in wonder of Stevie Wonder


l. to r. The newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon having a good chat at the Stevie Wonder Hyde Park concert event. The 65,000 attendees there witnessed Stevie playing his magnum opus & album, “Songs in the Key of Life”, live, with 42 musicians, singers & string section on stage with him. Good to see London’s Mayor & his wife dancing to Stevie’s extraordinary musicianship & unique vocalising. Hats off to AEG, Tom Miserendino & his team, Gary Gersh & Jay Marciano for conceiving this unique concert event with Stevie’s agent & CAA’s head of music, Rob Light. A perfect British Summertime day in the park. Note: London’s first Mayor was elected in 1189 – 827 years ago ! Go Sadiq !

Dateline: Singapore – World Summit Awards grand finals

l. to r.: WSA Chair, Professor Peter Bruck ; His Excellency Ahmed Alhendawi, the UN Secretary-General´s Envoy on Youth, & award jury member, Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, at the prestigious UN & UNESCO-linked global digital & mobile apps & content competition & high-level gathering to choose the world’s best content driving sustainable global impact & development goals world-wide. This 13th annual WSA is in Asia-Pacific for the first time, attended by competitors drawn from 160 countries.

Dateline: Bratislava, Slovakia


The world’s 1st Flying Motor Car – a group of top investors, creatives & futurists with Stefan Klein (inventor) & Juraj Vaculik (CEO) in the lab & workshop of Aeromobil, alongside the 1st flying motor car. Incredible creativity, engineering & vision ! Thanks Juraj & Pioneers.

Dateline: Barcelona, Spain with the brilliant Yoni Bloch

l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Yoni – Yes, the trees have ears when Yoni is around ! Yoni has created Interlude’s extraordinary film & video tech that allows films & TV programming to have multiple endings & storylines embedded within the narrative & content. A true visual & creative global leader & visioneer !

Dateline: Stockholm, Sweden


l. to r. The brilliantly great Qunicy Jones & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon – talking about music, creativity, jazz & Jacob Collier (his recent signing). “Q” is 83 and continues to do extraordinary musical & creative energy & work.

Dateline: Stockholm, Sweden

Flanked by two brilliant minds at the Brilliant Minds Symposium   

 l. to r. Daniel Ek – co-founder of Spotify; Ralph Simon – CEO of Mobilium Global; Nikolas Zennstrom – founder of Skype. Summer Stockholm is the venue for the extraordinary annual gathering of the world’s top innovators and disruptive thinkers, at Brilliant Minds.   One of the world’s top gatherings of the best innovators and thinkers.

remember ? Now the EVP & co-founder of the revolutionary San Francisco-based company “West”, the multi-disciplinary creative collective that helps the world’s most disruptive companies grow, which she founded with Twitter & Square founder, Jack Dorsey. Allison is a truly great creative & unique marketing thinker !

Dateline: Stockholm, Sweden – Royal ‘hello’


Meeting with the Crown Prince of Sweden, Prince Daniel: r. to l. Jimmy Wales – founder of Wikipedia, Wikia & Fandom; with Swedish Crown Prince Daniel & Ralph Simon – Mobilium Global CEO. Prince Daniel is a terrific visionary for Sweden & Stockholm’s innovation.

Dateline: The Royal Society of Arts, London


l. to r. Author & leading global “Connectivity” visionary Parag Khanna & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, after Dr Khanna’s riveting talk to the RSA about “Connectography” – why internet connectivity is the new currency for successful countries, global leaders, incubation cities & the next generation of innovators world-wide. The RSA has featured speakers on the leading edge of innovation for over 200 years.

remember ? Now the EVP & co-founder of the revolutionary San Francisco-based company “West”, the multi-disciplinary creative collective that helps the world’s most disruptive companies grow, which she founded with Twitter & Square founder, Jack Dorsey. Allison is a truly great creative & unique marketing thinker !

Dateline: Vienna


An exciting moment during the absorbing session at Pioneers (future tech) Festival in the Royal Palace in central Vienna: Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon interviews Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia & Wikia & Craig Palmer, CEO of Wikia & Wikia’s FANDOM about the power & global impact of the 360,000 communities who use Wikia. l. to r. Wikia CEO, Craig Palmer; interviewer Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Wikipedia & Wikia founder, Jimmy Wales. FANDOM is Jimmy & Craig’s very hot Wikia platform that’s growing specialist communities & thousands of cool daily interactions. Jimmy’s & Craig’s vision has seen Fandom taking off like a rocket. Bravo to Pioneers for this illuminating session reaching a global audience.

Dateline: Vienna, Austria – with the Austrian Chancellor & Head of State


r. to l. The newly elected Austrian Federal Chancellor & Head of State, Christian Kern, & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, sharing thoughts about the excitement, energy & excellence of the extraordinary Pioneers Festival 2016, which took place in the magnificent Grand Ballroom of the Hapsburg Palace in central Vienna. Chancellor Kern is known as a terrific innovation thinker & moderniser, & gave a stirring keynote speech on the main Pioneers’ stage, highlighting the excellence of the Pioneers company & it’s co-founders, Juergen Furian & Andreas Tschas, & why Vienna has become a major global incubation city for start-ups & entrepreneurs from all across Central Europe.

remember ? Now the EVP & co-founder of the revolutionary San Francisco-based company “West”, the multi-disciplinary creative collective that helps the world’s most disruptive companies grow, which she founded with Twitter & Square founder, Jack Dorsey. Allison is a truly great creative & unique marketing thinker !

Dateline: Vienna, Austria


r. to l. Adam Cheyer – founder of Siri – the revolutionary voice-activated platform recently acquired by Apple; Tiffany Pham – CEO & founder of Mogul, a fast-growing hub/platform for women around the world that reaches 19m women per week from 196 countries in 31,000 cities, & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon – all speakers at the 2016 Pioneers Festival, held in the Hapsburg Palace in central Vienna. This is unquestionably the most significant Future Tech event & gathering across all of Europe. Want to know where the future is heading ? You’ll certainly find out at Pioneers Festival.

Dateline: Shoreditch, London – The Festival of Ideas


l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon conducting a compelling interview before a packed Tech City audience with luminary, Allison Johnson, the distinguished Silicon Valley marketing guru – whose glittering career included heading up the marketing & communications role at Apple with Steve Jobs when he was alive. She launched the iPod & the iPad & came up with the campaign: “There’s an App for that” –

 remember ? Now the EVP & co-founder of the revolutionary San Francisco-based company “West”, the multi-disciplinary creative collective that helps the world’s most disruptive companies grow, which she founded with Twitter & Square founder, Jack Dorsey. Allison is a truly great creative & unique marketing thinker !

Dateline: British Embassy, Paris


r. to l. Her Majesty’s Ambassador of the United Kingdom to France, Sir Julian King, KCVO CMG – the UK’s foremost diplomatic representative in France & head of Britain’s diplomatic mission – exchanging bon mots with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon. Sir Julian hosted an amazing banquet in the gilded reception rooms of the Embassy, for the Founders Forum, bringing together a cluster of the top business leaders & digital entrepreneurs from the UK & France to help spur accelerated innovation, entrepreneurs & business visioneering. Traditionally, the British Embassy to France has been the most prestigious posting in the British foreign service, since 1801.

Dateline: Toronto, Canada – Music City


l. to r. The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, and Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, having a deep chat about Mayor Tory’s drive to make Toronto one of the world’s great music cities. Mayor Tory hosted a special session at Canadian Music Week to kick off his key initiative to raise Toronto’s global reputation as one of the world’s great music cities – and emulate New York, London, Liverpool & San Francisco. The Mayor’s “music city” task force is serious, engaged & off to a cracking start. Strike up the band and bang the drum for Toronto !

Dateline: Claridges, London


l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Gary Shapiro, President & CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, the trade body representing the $287bn Consumer Tech industry which owns & produces CES – the world’s largest (150,000+ attendees) annual gathering for the business of consumer tech, every January in Las Vegas. Gary is a great CTA CEO driving the latest products & new product announcements from the world’s best & hottest brands, always unveiling tomorrow’s consumer tech products at CES.

Dateline: New York City


l. to r.: Rula Ghani, the current First Lady of Afghanistan and the wife of the incumbent President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani – in conversation with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon. In 2015, Mrs Ghani was named in the ‘Time 100’, a list of the world’s most influential people, by Time magazine.

Dateline: Mumbai, India


FICCI Frames annual Bollywood industry Summit & convention

l. to r. TV Producer/writer Alfred Gough, interviewer Mobilium CEO Ralph Simon & TV/movie producer/writer Miles Millar, during their fascinating interview at the 2016 FICCI Frames Bollywood convention in India this past week. Al & Miles explained the genesis behind their creation, writing & producing of “Smallville”, now one of the longest-running TV shows on American television. They also told Simon about their movie writing & track record that in…

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Dateline: Mumbai, India


r. to l.: Oscar-winning director & film-maker Asif Kapadia & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon after Kapadia’s amazing interview session at the big annual Bollywood gathering FICCI Frames 2016 in Mumbai this week. Kapadia’s unforgettable documentary “Amy”, about the late great singer Amy Winehouse, and his earlier box office smash hit documentary film, “Senna”, on the life & death of Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna, have brought him Oscars, BAFTA Awards & global recognition as a film-maker of exceptional taste & artistry.

Dateline: Mumbai, India


l to r: Director-General of WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organisation), Dr Francis Gurry & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon reconnecting. D-G Gurry oversees the United Nation’s influential WIPO that governs global patents, copyright & trademarks, managing the stress on international patent & copyright systems produced by rapid technological change, by globalisation & increased demand. WIPO ensures that the IP system serves its fundamental purpose of encouraging creativity & innovation in all countries. Dr Gurry has led WIPO as the D-G since 2008, enabling nations & people to earn recognition from what they invent or create world-wide.

Dateline: Hollywood, California


Will I Am Shakes Peer

l. to r. The great visioneer & creative innovation polymath, will i am, & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon: talking digital & having fun celebrating at the ‘I Am Angel’ Foundation, will i am’s educational foundation that enables young innovators, makers & coders in will’s old ‘hood in East LA. Will just announced his new audio tech company Ambidio, in conjunction with George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound, a 360-sound experience that brings a great new dimension to sound systems & listening. Will makes a central difference to hundreds of young people in the USA & internationally with his global philanthropy, & caring visionary creativity.

Dateline: Helsinki, Finland


l. to r. Global ‘Positive Disruption’ leader D11’s CEO, Juha Tiihonen & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon in D11’s Helsinki HQ having a major Rethink. Juha & D11 are one of the world’s most respected thought leaders in mobile strategy, corporate positive disruption and how to re-think an established business for today & tomorrow’s challenging tech times. A great start & a wonderful Finnish.

Dateline: London


l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon with Gloria Steinem, feminist icon & champion of women’s rights

An extraordinary woman, Gloria Steinem’s pioneering & crusading spirit continues to fire up & stimulate women’s issues world-wide: she turns 83 this year & continues to fight for women every day. She is rightly a feminist icon, & a champion of women’s rights since the days when women didn’t have any & has never stopped writing & campaigning for her core causes: birth control, equal pay, an end to violence against women, civil rights and social justice. She is justly listed as one of the most influential women of the 20th & 21st centuries. 

(Photo credit: Ken Hertz)

Dateline: Vancouver, Canada


r. to l. Astronaut & globally admired international Space Station singer & musician Chris Hadfield, having a stellar chat with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon.

Hadfield is the first Canadian to walk in space. An engineer & former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions & served as commander of the International Space Station (ISS). He was responsible for a crew of 5 astronauts & helped run dozens of scientific experiments dealing with the impact of low gravity on human biology. During the mission he also gained popularity by chronicling life aboard the space station, taking pictures of the earth & posting them through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Tumblr to a large following all around the world. He was a guest from space on television news & talk shows & gained massive popularity by playing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on the ISS’s guitar in space. Fortunately David Bowie would have seen & heard Hatfield sing his song in the ‘tin can’ that is the ISS – a perfect location to sing & bring great meaning to the Thin White Duke’s unforgettable lyrics.

Dateline: London


Renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon, make a perfect picture.  

Seen at Annie Leibowitz’s amazing new exhibition, “Women: New Portraits”, an extension of a project she began with her late partner Susan Sontag in 1999. Thanks to Annie’s representative, Ken Hertz, for helping bring this remarkable body of Annie’s work to London and the world – which included Annie’s iconic portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. (Photo credit: Ken Hertz)

Dateline: Groningen, Holland


winners of the important Buma Music Meets Tech national competition l. to r. Paul De Kuyper, founder of Gigstarter, Jury chairman & judge Ralph Simon, & grand contest winner, Abishek Sen, founder of hot start-up NumberEight. These two start-ups triumphed in the Netherlands’ key music tech competition.

Dateline: Munich, Germany


l. to r. Baroness Joanna Shields, the UK Minister for Internet Safety & Security having a chat with Mobilium Global’s CEO, Ralph Simon after her compelling speech to a packed house at the important DLD 2016 conference. As the UK’s Internet Security minister, Shields is responsible for curbing online abuse, exploitation, bullying & access to harmful content, thereby making the internet a safer place for children. She also works with the Home Office to remove terrorist, radicalising, and extremist content from the internet, in addition to promoting safe, open access to the internet for everyone. Shields, along with Facebook’s Nicola Mendelson, is now perceived by many as one of the most powerful women in the UK technology scene and has a seat in the House of Lords.

Dateline: Munich, Germany


High impact speakers l. to r. Dan Lyons, writer of the TV show “Silicon Valley” & also creator of ‘The Fake Steve Jobs’ blog & novel; Mobilium Global CEO & moderator, Ralph Simon; fast-rising outstanding Hollywood actor Julian Morris (“Valkyrie’, “New Girl” & Amazon’s successful new series “Hand of God”) & global film industry leader & respected studio head Martin Moszkowicz, Chairman of the Executive Board of Munich-based Constantin Film Studios, responsible for consistently producing Germany’s biggest movie hits & collaborations with major Hollywood producers & directors including Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey & Dreamworks. This quartet gave an absorbing session on movie & TV’s future in a discussion titled “The Golden Age of Storytelling” before a full house at DLD 2016 , the great Europe confab focussing on the future, within the conference theme of “ the Now now”. Julian adeptly showed how social media is radically changing the essence of the star-making machinery & how “screenagers” are upending traditional Hollywood.

Dateline: Munich, Germany


Under -Secretary of State Steffen Seibert, former TV anchor & journalist, and now current head of the German governmental press & information agency & de facto press secretary for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.
l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon chatting with Minister Steffen Seibert after Seibert’s important & compelling talk at DLD 2016, about what it takes to run the official mouthpiece of the Chancellor & the Government of Germany.

Dateline: Munich, Germany


Distinguished historian, Harvard professor and author of the official biography of Henry Kissinger, Niall Ferguson conversing with Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon about how the modern digital era has uncanny similarities with what happened when the Gutenberg printing press revolutionized the printing and distribution of books and knowledge.

Dateline: Marrakech, Morocco – November 2015


African thought leaders in Morocco this week at the annual gathering of the African Leadership Network (ALN) :
l. to r. ALN co-founder Acha Leke; Ms Lamia Merzouki – Chief Strategy & Development Officer of the Casablanca Finance City Authority; Mobilium Global CEO & ALN board member Ralph Simon; Isaac Fokuo – Executive Director of the ALN; Delegate Minister of Industry in the Moroccan Government, Mamoun Bouhdoud & Fred Swaniker, co-founder of the ALN and creator of the amazing African Leadership University project – which is building 25 Leadership Universities across Africa in the next 10 years. The ALN clusters Africa’s top business, government leaders, entrepreneurs & “digerati”, all committed to building the “new” Africa.

Dateline: Red Square, Moscow – November 2015


l. to r. Dana Al Salem, Founder and CEO of FanFactory, the consumer lead generation & fan intelligence agency with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon, digging the scene in central Moscow. Dana is one of the world’s leading women in tech. The onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral built in 1555 by Ivan The Terrible and Lenin’s tomb, make a great backdrop to a cold autumn Moscow day.

Dateline: The Mansion House, official residence of the Lord Mayor of London – October 2015


The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman Alan Yarrow flanked by (left) leading tech innovators Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City & (right) Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon. The Mayor introduced “A Technology Agenda for the Commonwealth”:, an exciting initiative from the UK government to substantially widen the digital reach between the UK and the 2.2bn Commonwealth citizens in 53 countries worldwide – the vast majority of whom love being ‘connected’. online and onmobile.

Dateline: Budapest, Hungary – October 2015


The Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations’ telecoms & wireless division, His Excellency Zhao Houlin, welcoming Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon to the ITU Congress in Budapest. Simon conducted a special session with Secretary-General Zhao, together with Mr Wen Ku, Director of China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology’s Telecoms Division, Dr (Ms) Fatima Barros, chair of the EU’s Body of European (Telecoms) Regulators and Huawei’s President of Huawei’s global Carrier Business Group, Mr Zou Zhilei. Key message from Budapest: “Mobile is all about video, video, video on phones & social media”. Huawei is the global telecoms giant.

Dateline: Manchester, UK: October 2015


r . to l. British Deputy Prime Minister & Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon. George Osborne MP chatting with Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon in Manchester this week. The Chancellor is a major “visioneer” and steward of the successful UK innovation economy.

Dateline: London – PMT*


British Prime Minister David Cameron & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon – seen having a chat this week in London. Cameron is a big supporter of innovation & skills development, a key focus of Mobilium’s work.
*PMT = Prime Minister time

Dateline: London:


The first woman to have flown in space, Dr Valentina Tereshkova (78), with Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon – an amazing, fearless woman !
Dr Tereshkova was selected from more than 400 applicants and 5 finalists to pilot Vostok 6 in June 1963 & spent almost 3 days in space, orbiting Earth 48 times – her only trip into space. Before her recruitment as a cosmonaut, Tereshkova was a textile-factory assembly worker and an amateur skydiver, & although she did not have any experience as a pilot, she was accepted into the program because of her 126 parachute jumps. At the time, cosmonauts had to parachute from their capsules seconds before they hit the ground on returning to Earth… Read More

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


‘Wikipedia founder launches ‘The Peoples Operator’
l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, chatting backstage at the 2015 CTIA Super Mobility convention keynote stage. Jimmy had just delivered a riveting keynote launching Wikipedia’s social action-oriented mobile telco service & MVNO in the USA. ‘The People’s Operator’, as the venture is known, is both a mobile phone service & an attempt at a new sort of social network centred around donations & community service. Jimmy also showed brilliant global examples of just why Wikipedia is one of top 5 websites on the web & why Wikia, their for-profit platform is so popular around the world. Mobilium played a key role in bringing Jimmy to the CTIA Super Mobility keynote stage.

Dateline: Las Vegas, USA: September 2015


‘Chewing the mobile cud’
l. to r. Rob Mesirow, Executive Director & organiser of North America’s biggest mobile convention, CTIA’s “Super Mobility Week”; Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon – meeting greeting & bleating just before Chairman Wheeler’s impressive keynote speech to the convention audience on opening day of the Super Mobility Week. Some 35,000 mobile professionals are in Vegas for this major annual mobile gathering.

Dateline: Kochi, Kerala, India – September 2015:


l. to r. Famed Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Hungama Digital founder & CEO, Neeraj Roy.
Hangin’ with the great Indian Bollywood film actor and national phenomenon in India and the world, Shah Rukh Khan. Seen at the annual gathering of the Indian Advertising Association’s key annual convention. Will be giving a keynote speech to the “Mad Men” and women of India in beautiful Kerala.

Dateline: London, UK


Time for PMT = Prime Minister Time.

Had a terrific chat with British Prime Minister David Cameron this week in Central London. He is certainly a champion of British innovation, tech smarts and the start-up environments. He really understands what it takes to make a great incubation city. He’d just come from having flown in from Stonehenge, where he launched the work starting the ingenious tunnel that will go underneath Stonehenge, divert traffic and protect the stone circle for all time from car fumes, congestion, etc. — with David Cameron.

Dateline Presidential lunch, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa:


President Paul Kagame of Rwanda digging the song: “But first, let’s take a selfie”. l. to r. Fred Swaniker, co-founder of the African Leadership Network, H.E. President Kagame of Rwanda and Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & members of the Rwandan Cabinet – at the African Leadership Network annual gathering November 2014, held this year in Rwanda, East Africa.

Dateline: London


Exchanging patter & a natter with London’s great Mayor, Boris Johnson in Westminster today. He is an extremely popular figure, politician, man of the people and bicycle rider, & has been London’s Mayor since 2008. He rides his bike every day to his Mayoral chambers and is also campaigning for a seat in the British Parliament in the upcoming UK General Election in May, with a great chance of winning a parliamentary seat in the House of Commons. London’s first mayor was elected in the year 1189, and now 826 years later, Boris is doing great for London & Londoners.

l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon, and Mayor Boris Johnson

Dateline: Geneva, Switzerland


l. to r. Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Margaret Chan and Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon

Seen at the global HQ of the W.H.O. to announce & launch the ‘Global Injection Safety & Safe Syringe Use’ mandate – a ground-breaking initiative to ensure injection safety, to help countries tackle the pervasive issue of unsafe injections. It has taken more than 10 years for this mandate to become reality and it will enhance world health considerably. Over 25bn injections world-wide (vaccinations & curative) are given each year by doctors, nurses, hospitals and community health workers. This mandate will ensure that unsafe medical practice is stopped resulting in far fewer HIV AIDs transmissions from injections with the same needle given to more than one person. Mobilium Global is at the forefront of mobile health delivery and the “gamification” & use of mobile entertainment to reinforce sound health education and safe injection usage – together with the single-use syringe inventor, the UK’s Marc Koska. This mandate will potentially save millions of lives around the world. Dr Margaret Chan as W.H.O. Director-General, has been leading the massive global campaign & effort to curb and control the awful Ebola epidemic.

Dateline: Barcelona – Mobile World Congress


l. to r. Chairman of the USA’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Tom Wheeler & Mobilium Global chairman Ralph Simon – re-uniting, and having a chat about net neutrality, mobile innovation and their long-standing friendship, after Wheeler’s keynote address to the 2015 Mobile World Congress.


Dateline: Hollywood, California – TIFIN Los Angeles


Seen at the Technology Innovators Forum today in Hollywood are: Lucian Grainge CBE, chairman & CEO of the Universal Music Group & British Prime Minister David Cameron’s global media & entertainment UK Business Ambassador; Lord Marland of Odstock, Chairman of The Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council and organiser of the TIFIN LA, & Ralph Simon, chairman/CEO of Mobilium Global. Presented by the UK’s Department of Trade & Industry with Founders Forum and the BBC, this TIFIN, as it is called, is a great gathering of top innovators and global media leaders coming together to marry the UK and Hollywood’s creative industries & grow a range of business initiatives between the UK & USA.

— withLucian Grainge OBE and Lord Marland.


Dateline: Singapore – at Istana, the Prime Minister’s official residence:


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon chatting at a private gathering at his official residence, Istana. The Prime Minister was hosting the launch of his Singapore ‘Smart Nation/Smart City’ initiative together with the Founders Forum. Singapore brought some of the top ‘technopreneurs’ & Founders Forum members from across the world to Singapore for the Prime Minister’s Smart Nation launch & big blueprint initiative that is destined to catapult Singapore into one of the world’s smartest, data-driven nations within a few years. Prime Minister Lee, a former computer coder & geek, and son of the late, great founder of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, is leading an exceptional, focused plan to grow Singapore into one of the world’s smartest nations, utilising a massive & far-sighted application of big data, highly educated graduates & coders, & accelerating a whole new impetus to grow ‘technopreneurialism’ in Singapore and all across Asia-Pacific.


Dateline: Hollywood, California – Playing with my will i:


Seen visiting the incredible design lab, film, TV & music studios & fashion & consumer products design studios of will i am, known as “The Future”, in Hollywood. This pic shows me holding up a mini will i which was 3D-printed in a truly extraordinary 3D print lab at “The Future”, housing the world’s most advanced large and small-scale 3D printers. You can print a mini-me will i am and also a large complex piece of furniture in the lab with printed product results that defy one’s imagination & vision. So typical of the fertile mind and businesses of great innovator, will i am. will so perfectly understands the convergence of fashion & technology in all aspects – “Fashionology” is the new genre that will has been championing & here in “The Future” will and his super smart teams are leading the world – right here in deepest Hollywood.

— with and mini will i am.

This week, the USA finally signed the landmine treaty agreeing not to produce or deploy landmines, 17 years after the original treaty was signed by 120 other nations. A remarkable achievement by Jody Williams


Dateline: Vancouver, Canada – Live Earth & Climate Reality mini-summit


Al Gore gave a riveting speech at the special breakfast mini-summit in Vancouver this week about the urgency of getting the global climate summit in Paris in December to urgently vote for climate action. He told this important gathering all about the major global event ‘Live Earth – The Road to Paris’ that will take place on 7 continents & major capital cities on June 18th around the world with Pharrell Williams and many other major names, artists and world figures. This global event is taking rapid shape with the work we are doing together with producers Kevin Wall and Aaron Grosky and a global team. The buzz is building to get the world and millions of people to ‘help make the earth smile again’ and get 2bn people to have their voices heard and acted on, for climate action – now !

l. to r. Former US Vice President, Nobel Laureate & environment champion, Al Gore, & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon.


Dateline: Austin, Texas – SXSW Interactive Accelerator competition finalists


Flanking the finalists at the Entertainment & Technologies Section of the 2015 SXSW Accelerator competition are judges & moderators, Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon and Technology magazine staff writer, Jacob Hall. They stand alongside the strong entrepreneurs of 3 of the finalists: Inmobly from Columbus, Ohio, , Six from Tokyo, Japan & Cloudstitch from Cambridge, Mass. The Accelerator contest at SXSW is always a major attraction in Austin, discovering & uncovering hottest new talent and tech. SXSW 2015 also featured and got great reaction to the world’s first flying motor car, known as the Aeromobil, invented by Slovakian, Stefan Klein.


Dateline: Johannesburg – South Africa


Warm conversation at the African Leadership Network Executive Board Meeting: drawing up the plans for the next few years and planning the ALN annual gathering, which will take place in Morocco, North Africa later in the year.

l. to r. Fred Swaniker, co-founder of the African Leadership Network; Leetha Filderman, Executive Director & organiser of the important annual PopTech gathering in Maine, USA, & also ALN board member; Mobilium Global CEO & ALN board member, Ralph Simon. The annual ALN gathering also hosts the annual & prestigious African Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Dateline: Hollywood, California


Getting ‘happy’ with Pharrell Williams and having a great chat about our big global June 2015 initiative with Al Gore, called Live Earth. l. to r. Pharrell Williams, distinguished composer, artiste, visual creator & Creative Director of Live Earth, & Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon, who is the Mobile Producer of Live Earth. Live Earth is the massive global event taking place on June 18th and mounted by Executive producers, Kevin Wall & Aaron Grosky, on the same day on 7 continents including Antarctica, designed to get 2bn people & mobile subscribers to vote and voice their support for Climate Action and get the vital global Climate Summit in Paris in December to finally vote for unified UN member states’ action after years of prevaricating. Top global music acts, artists, movie stars, influencers and the great and the good, will be participating in Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Beijing, London, New York, Antarctica, Cape Town, and finally in Paris – all on the same June day. Help us make the earth smile again – smile emoticon – by joining in and voting for Climate Action and Live Earth.

Dateline: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:


Doing a probe on the globe with the Secretary-General of UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development – seen in Abu Dhabi, with the head of the UN’s global trade development body UNCTAD –
l. to r. Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium Global and UNCTAD Secretary-General Dr Mukhisa Kituyi. UNCTAD is a sub-set of UN Secretary-General’s Ban Ki-Moon’s office whose mission is to drive and improve conditions world-wide for developing global trade and economic development, growing national and the world economy.

Dateline: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Seen at the global mobile World Summit Awards are Executive Board members: WSA Chairman, Professor Dr Peter Bruck, global mobile thought leader, Gary Schwartz (Canada), & Mobilium Global’s CEO, Ralph Simon (UK) with top tech & mobile leaders from the U.A.E., where Abu Dhabi plays a central role in the Middle East and it’s 300m Arab-language speakers & mobile users. “Mobile” and “Screenagers” are massively changing & disrupting life & lifestyle in this world region. — withPeter A. Bruck, Gary Schwartz and Parmesh Shahani.

Dateline: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:


The World Summit Awards – hangin’ with my homies – at the very important WSA global awards & competition for the best mobile apps from 170 countries across 8 key categories:
m-Business & Commerce; m-Government & participation; m-Tourism & Culture; m-Media & News; m-Learning & Education; m-Entertainment & Lifestyle; m-Environment & Health; m-Inclusion & Empowerment.
The WSA takes place in a different country each year, and has been running for the past 13 years. The WSA brings together the best & the brightest mobile app makers, products and global mobile impacters. Abu Dhabi & the UAE was this year’s host country. Salaam Aleykum y’all !

Dateline: Munich, Germany


Munchen munchies – chewing the cud with the founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, in the ‘Munich Residenz’, the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs & the largest city palace in Germany. l. to r. Travis Kalanick, Uber founder/CEO, & Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium Global. In just 4+ years Uber is now in 227 cities worldwide & has a $41bn valuation. No wonder Travis is smiling. — with Travis Kalanick.

Dateline: Doha, Qatar


At the International Telecommunications Union ‘2014 ITU Telecom World Congress’ in Doha, Qatar are: l. to r. newly appointed Secretary-General of the ITU, the distinguished Dr Houlin Zhaoa a major champion of global mobile standards, & Mobilium Global chairman, Ralph Simon. Around 5,000 mobile professionals, plus various government ministers and telcos were in attendance in the sparkling new Qatar National Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre.

Dateline: Doha, Qatar


Nigeria’s Minister of Telecommunications, Mrs Omobola Johnson meeting Mobilium Global chairman Ralph Simon during the 2014 I.T.U. Telecom World Summit gathering at the stunning new Qatar National Convention Centre this week. The International Telecommunications Union is the United Nations’ specialist arm dealing with all aspects of telecommunications for UN member states. — with Omobola Johnson.

Dateline: General Assembly podium at the UN in New York:


l. to r. Alexander Shulgin, the great Moscow composer, entrepreneur, innovator & visionary & Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon, awaiting the start of the “Imagine” event that took place in the UN HQ. Alexander brought the Russian teen sensation, Kristian Kostov, to perform in this global Unicef event, together with a number of the world’s top artists, Hugh Jackman, Yoko Ono & others. Using our “Imagine-ation” and changing the world with a song !

Dateline: Helsinki, Finland 


l. to r. Ken Hertz, senior partner at HL Media Law from Los Angeles, Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland & former body-building champ, & Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, at a special leadership breakfast this week at the US Embassy, overlooking Helsinki harbour. Ambassador Oreck hosted a special gathering of some of the world’s top tech investors & technology/innovation leaders in Helsinki for the 2015 SLUSH conference and hottest ‘new ideas’ gathering.

Dateline: Kigali, capital of Rwanda, East Africa


The African Leadership Network’s 2014 Annual Africa Entrepreneurship Awards: l. to r. Mobilium Global CEO and ALN Board Member, Ralph SImon; Swaady Martin Leke, founder and President of Yswara Natural Products from Africa who create beautiful contemporary lifestyle objects and accessories based on century-old African craftsmanship, and, Acha Leke, the indomitable co-founder of the African Leadership Network and who interviewed President Paul Kagame in the compelling closing session of this year’s ALN Gathering in Kigali.

Dateline: Central Mumbai, India:


Top Government Minister makes surprise appearance & speech at the highly successful and popular TEDx Gateway in Mumbai this week.
l. to r. Yashraj Akashi, founding organiser of the 5th TEDx Gateway, the largest TEDx in South Asia, His Excellency Piyush Gopal: Minister of State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, Government of India and close confidante of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon, who interviewed Minister Gopal during the TEDx Gateway segment, at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in central Mumbai.

Dateline: Vienna, Austria


At the Pioneers Festival of Future Tech in the Royal Hapsburg Palace: Space Cowboys tell all

l. to r. Dr Andrew Aldrin, CEO of Moon Express; Dr Randall Corell of Quelle; Mobilium Global CEO Ralph Simon & Dr. Simon P. Worden (Brig. Gen., USAF, ret.), centre director at the NASA Ames Research Center, where he leads a staff of nearly 2,500 civil servants & contractors and oversees an annual budget of approx. $800m, providing the critical R&D support that makes NASA’s and the USA’s aeronautics and space missions possible. In just 3 years, Dr Worden has completely transformed Ames, reinvigorating the Center’s workforce and taking a leadership role in important, cost-effective satellite missions into space. Dr. Aldrin, CEO of Moon Express, the company planning to settle a colony and space base on the Moon, is the son of Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, who along with Neil Armstrong made their historic Moon landing on July 20th, 1969, becoming the first two humans to set foot on another world. Randy Correll is a distinguished space scientist supporting the NASA Ames Research Center in their Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Dr Worden and Dr Aldrin gave a spell-binding talk about space travel and how establishing a base on the moon is in reach within 18 months. Fly me to the moon, baby !

Dateline: Moscow 


l. to r. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, & Russia’s top presidential economic advisor, and also, the President of the Russian Chess Federation, Mr Arkady Dvorkovich, and Mobilium Global chairman, Ralph Simon – after the successful plenary session we spoke at and moderated at the keynote sessions of the 2014 Open Innovations Forum conference & exhibition in Moscow this week. Arkady. a former Deputy Minister of Economic Development & Innovation, went to Duke University in the USA in his earlier years, and comes from a highly distinguished family of chess grandmasters in Moscow. Another speaker we highlighted in the plenary, was the truly inspirational Dr Bertrand Piccard – the first man in history to fly an airplane around the world without using any aviation fuel whatsoever – all solar-powered wings and air dynamic “skin”. Guo Ping, deputy chairman of Hua Wei, the Chinese giant mobile tech and innovation company, was also a featured speaker in the plenary.

Innovation in and from pan-Asia was a major focus of this year’s Forum

 — in Moscow Oblast.

Dateline: Radio City Music Hall, New York City:


“Mraz-zle Dazzle” – Terrific reunion backstage with the great artist, composer, performer, Jason Mraz, after his truly outstanding performance at Radio City Music Hall. Jason has a unique aesthetic, authenticity and an ability to connect to an audience with the deepest resonance. He and his excellent manager Bill Silva are professionals of the very highest order. He always leaves his audiences saying “I’m Yours” ! l. to r. Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon & Jason Mraz

Dateline: United Nations HQ New York


“Moon” – lighting: An uplifting experience participating in the high-level meeting of the Women Leaders Forum at the United Nations during the General Assembly of the UN this week in New York City. Had a chance to meet and have a chat with Mrs Ban Sooh Taek, the wife of Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the UN. Mrs Ban (surnames pronounced first as they do in Asia), was a featured speaker amongst other Women leaders including Norway’s female Prime Minister, Her Excellency Ms Erna Solberg and the First Lady of Zambia, Madame Sata. Bank Ki-Moon and Mrs Ban Sooh Taek sit atop the vast United Nations, and each carry enormous significance politically and in terms of carefully observed UN protocols. The role and rights of women world-wide, is a major priority for the UN.

Dateline: Johannesburg, South Africa


With Nelson Mandela’s widow – see below. Seen at the global summit meeting of the global Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) hosted by the World Health Organisation and it’s Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan, is the elegant, esteemed and highly respected Chair of the PMNCH, Mrs Graca Machel Mandela, seen with Mobilium Global Chairman, Ralph Simon at a closed meeting of the summit. This highly important gathering attended by some 2,000 global delegates, marked the first public appearance by Mrs Graca Machel Mandela since the death of her late husband, President Nelson Mandela. The PMNCH is a partnership of 625 organisations, donors and foundations, NGOs, healthcare professional associations, academic, research and training institutions, and the private sector directed at ensuring that the Millenium Development goals to be affirmed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in September. This pays specific global attention to the health of Maternal & New Born women and children. Launched in 2005, the vision of the PMNCH is the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals, with women and children enabled to realise their right, to the highest attainable standard of health in the years to 2015 and beyond.
This key meeting marked the first public appearance by Mandela’s widow since his death. Mobilium Global are credited with building Africa’s first ever pan-African mobile delivery network, “Smart Health”, as the central mobile platform for this historic ground-breaking development for health across the African continent.

Dateline: London


The only living American female Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jody Williams, and Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global chairman, sharing some good news about the USA – see below. Jody served as the founding co-ordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) from early 1992 until February 1998 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.
In an unprecedented co-operative effort with governments, UN bodies and the International Committee of the Red Cross, she served as a chief strategist and spokesperson for the ICBL, which she developed from two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a staff of one – herself – to an international powerhouse of 1,300 NGOs in ninety countries.

From its small beginning and official launch in 1992, Williams and the ICBL dramatically achieved the campaign’s goal of an international treaty banning anti-personnel landmines during a diplomatic conference held in Oslo in September 1997. Three weeks later, she and the ICBL were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At that time, she became the tenth woman – and third American woman – in its almost hundred-year history to receive the Prize.

In November 2004, Williams took the lead in establishing the Nobel Women’s Initiative launched in January 2006; she since has served as its Chair which brings together six of the female Peace Laureates alive today. The women Peace Laureates seek to use their access and influence to support and promote the work of women around the world working for peace with justice and equality. (Aung San Suu Kyi is an honorary member.)

This week, the USA finally signed the landmine treaty agreeing not to produce or deploy landmines, 17 years after the original treaty was signed by 120 other nations. A remarkable achievement by Jody Williams !

Dateline: London – Aldwych Theatre


Backstage at the opening night of “Beautiful” – The Carole King Musical – with the truly great Carole King. Carole joined the cast on stage for the finale of the British premiere to the great surprise of the audience. She then brought on stage her close friends and songwriting rivals, Cynthia Weil & Barry Mann, to join the cast on stage, to rapturous applause from the first night audience. Its was truly “Beautiful” & the reviews of the show point to a successful & long run in London’s West End.

l. to r. Carole King and Mobilium Global CEO, Ralph Simon — with Carole King.