Is your business “Glocal” ?

Being Global in Mobile means you have to also be “Glocal”

We are on a relentless search for the very best new ways in which mobile and multi-screen developments can help your business and international revenue growth to shape your commercial reach and the world. Mobilium is helping mobile users get better lives, using mobile devices to actually save lives and promote good health and wellness worldwide, and encouraging and growing a new generation of software and mobile creators and developers to come up with great technology, applications, software, devices and new ways of making people’s lives better in every respect. 

We do worry about data intrusion and we do worry about unscrupulous operators and plunderers of intellectual property.  Our guidance and professional expertise, helps our clients be protected from malicious or unauthorized usage of their data, intellectual property and business practices.  We see data protection as a key element of your modern mobile business and applications, and our team has extensive expertise in this all important area.

Being “Glocal” also means that your business needs to understand the impact and architecture of being positively disruptive.  The so called Disruption factor is a key element in today’s modern mobile business planning and execution.  Traditional industries are realizing that well-planned disruption can be a vital tool in helping to re-shape the effectiveness and international revenue enhancement of your comp[any.  A good primer to get an understanding of the value of Disruption is to get a copy of the great book by Disruption specialist and guru, Jay Samit.  Samit’s book:  “Disrupt Yourself” published by Flat iron Books USA, is essential reading for executives who need and want to get a handle on this important facet of modern mobile foresight.