Joy Buolamwini, world leader in A.I. & founder of the Algorithm Justice League

The remarkable Joy Buolamwini & Mobilium Global Chief Executive Ralph Simon - Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright Fellow, Astronaut Fellow, & competitive pole vault jumper, Canadian-born Joy Buolamwini studied learning & tech at Oxford & then went on to MIT for her Masters degree, identifying bias in algorithms, prompting her to found the Algorithmic Justice League - highlighting the bias in code & algorithms that lead to discrimination in facial recognition systems. Her discovery that bias in facial recognition algorithms couldn’t properly “read” faces of people of color totally changed the world’s use of algorithms for facial recognition. An extraordinary woman, nominated by Forbes magazine in 2019 as one of the world’s Great Leaders, she created two films, 'Code4Rights' and 'Algorithmic Justice League: Unmasking Bias’. She is rightfully "the conscience of the A.I. revolution" & made the inaugural Time 100 Next list in 2019. A true visionary of the highest order!

Legendary Newspaper editor, author and revered journalist Sir Harold Evans passed away

This past week saw the passing of one of the most important newspaper editors and designers of the 20th and 21st Century. Sir Harold Evans, who died on September 23rd 2020 in New York was the Editor-at-Large for Reuters Global News organisation, an author, major newspaper editor (The London Sunday Times and The Times of the UK), recognized as one of the world’s best-ever newspaper designers & typography thinkers, & also, the head of Random House book publishers in the USA, and editor to some very distinguished writers and politicians including Henry Kissinger, Marlon Brando, General Colin Powell, Norman Mailer, and many others.

In the 40 years of his subsequent career in New York after leaving the UK, he remained a staunch champion of all the best values of great journalism, particularly in recent years when it has been challenged by the new hegemony of social media, and the rise of political populism, with its partisan attacks on the business of truth-telling. Evans rose to the top table of New York’s publishing industry, but he did not forget the spirit and values that had got him there.

The sad news of Sir Harold Evan – a friend, a mentor, and one of journalisms towering global figures – passing away did indeed spark memories of his Royal Society of Arts visit. It was a very special occasion. The video of his talk “The Spirit of Innovation”, which was given in the Great Room of the Royal Society on 2nd June 2010, can still be found online here.

It is a fantastic talk that includes some important insights on the nature of innovation and what it takes to bring invention to market: “Innovation is not simply invention or discovery – it is invention or discovery brought to use.” (13:05)

The Future of Healthcare with Dr. Sandro Galea, Head of Boston University School of Public Health

Interviewer Ralph Simon in the compelling session with Dr. Sandro Galea, Dean of the School of Public Health at Boston University in the USA. “Dr. Sandro Galea, is a highly distinguished physician, epidemiologist, & author, is Dean & ‘Robert A. Knox Professor’ at Boston University School of Public Health. He previously held academic and leadership positions at Columbia University, the University of Michigan, & the New York Academy of Medicine. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed literature, & is a regular contributor to a range of public media, about the social causes of health, mental health, and the consequences of trauma. He has been listed as one of the most widely cited scholars in the social sciences. He is chair of the board of the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health, and past President of the Society for Epidemiologic Research & of the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. Dr. Galea has received several lifetime achievement awards. He holds a medical degree from the University of Toronto, graduate degrees from Harvard University & Columbia University, & an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow. He has practiced emergency medicine in Toronto & also in Somalia when he worked with Medicines Sans Frontieres.

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This business is about what's coming next

"When Ralph Simon was a child in Johannesburg in the 1950s, his mother gave him some advice. She said, ‘Don’t be a human being. Be a human doing.’ Young Ralph listened. He really listened.

Over the course of a 50 year career in music, he committed himself to doing. What did he do? It’s hard to know where to start. How about…

  • Publishing YMCA
  • Running a 360 degree music agency 40 years before anyone else
  • Pioneering crossover hip-hop in the US
  • Discovering Will Smith
  • Helping Radiohead conquer the US
  • ‘Inventing’ the ringtone

Yes, Simon is the Zelig of the music business. And not just because he’s on the short side and wears big glasses. Look back over every big music industry trend of the last half century, and you’ll find Simon close by.

He’s seen it all. No, he’s done it all. And – more extraordinarily – he’s still doing it."

Read the full article and interview at


Bhutan Prime Minister and environmentalist Tshering Tobgay

Bhutan Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, live on stage this weekend at TEDx Gateway, India’s biggest TEDx, before an audience of 5,500, in the special keynote interview with Mobilium Global Chief Executive, Ralph Simon. Bhutan is the world’s 1st carbon neutral & carbon negative country. Tobgay, a great environmentalist, told Ralph of the very serious crisis of the melting, shrinking glaciers in the Himalayas, & the existential danger to the water supply, livelihoods & agriculture affecting 1.5bn people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan - & also potentially Afghanistan, Pakistan & China - one-fifth of the world population. Melting glaciers could massively impact these countries with flash floods, landslides & unimaginable destruction. The Himalayas also feed water into the Ganges, India’s holiest water source.

Bangladeshi economist & Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus

Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon reconnecting with the great global thinker & pioneer of micro-credit & micro-finance, the Bangladeshi economist & civil society leader, Muhammad Yunus. Dr Yunus & his Grameen Bank's genius showed how the poorest of the poor can work to bring about their own development. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, he received the USA Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 & the USA Congressional Gold Medal in 2010. He is constantly involved in addressing & solving social problems around the world. Yunus is, indeed, unique.

Top Talent Troika with Tim Clark, manager of Robbie Williams & Tarsame Mittal, manager of Arijit Singh

The managers of two of the world’s biggest recording artists gather in London to talk music, live performance & perhaps, planning some surprises for 2020. l to r: Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global chief executive; Tim Clark, founder & chief executive of ie:music Artist Management - manager of Robbie Williams, Passenger, Craig Armstrong & more; & Tarsame Mittal, founder of India’s leading management company, Tarsame Mittal Talent Management, manager of the great Indian superstar, Arijit Singh, + the legendary Vishal Shekar & India’s top comedian, Kapil Sharma, & founder of India’s top creative industry conference, 'All About Music’.

Snapchat Co-Founder & CEO Evan Spiegel

Snapchat/SNAP co-founder/CEO Evan Spiegel & Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon - having a snappy chat at the important DLD conference, where Evan gave a compelling talk about where SNAP was headed in 2020 and beyond.

World leading journalist & truth-teller & Rappler founder Maria Ressa (Philippines)

Rappler founder, the iconic & supremely brave journalist, Maria Ressa, seen with Mobilium Global chief executive Ralph Simon. Maria is an extraordinary seeker & publisher of the truth, & a relentless fighter of fake news. She was arrested in the Philippines in February 2019 for her outspoken criticism of President Duterte & charged with “cyber libel”. Named a Time Magazine 'Person of the Year' in 2018, Maria is the byword for extraordinary journalism. She had just given a remarkable keynote at the important DLD 2020 conference, Europe’s formidable annual gathering of tech, ideas & the future.