Interview with the Prime Minister of Bhutan, H.E. Tshering Tobgay

Interview with the Prime Minister of Bhutan, His Excellency Tshering Tobgay by Mobilium’s CEO Ralph Simon where H.E. Tobgay explains why Bhutan plays such a critical role as a sentinel in the world’s greatest issue – the global Climate Crisis. Watch this compelling interview with one of the world’s most informed thinkers about the Climate Crisis we are all living through.

Celebrating 20 Years Mobile Economic Forum with Patrick Parodi

A terrific acknowledgement & salute to the MEF from Patrick Parodi. So well articulated and reflective of the exciting path of progress in the mobile global development story.

DEW2021: Fireside Chat with Raised in Space

“Raising the Value of Content”

Special interview with Shara Senderoff & Zach Katz, founders of the important & excellent digital content & management company known as Raised in Space Enterprises. Shara and Zach are very leading thinkers in digital, video games & music tech & innovation. They are right at the leading edge of what’s coming next in the digital entertainment cosmos – knowledgeable, perceptive & outstanding in all they do and drive for their terrific company.


Shara Senderoff, President & Partner, Raised in Space
Zach Katz, CEO & Partner, Raised in Space
Moderator: Ralph Simon, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Mobilium Global Limited

DEW2021: Interview Session with two of the Smartest People in modern Pop, Gamer & Music Culture

Highlights Include:

  • Keynote Presentation from Epic Games
  • Keynote Conversations with Peloton, Activision Blizzard and YouTube
  • Fireside Chat with Raised in Space
  • View from the Top: What's Next In Streaming
  • Today's Video Mix: OTT, Linear, Cable
  • The Journey to Subscription Excellence
  • Next Frontiers for Influencer Marketing
  • View from the Top: The Entertainment Marketing Mix
  • The Future of the Digital Games Business
  • Esports + Gaming Culture + Lifestyle Content: Driving Engagement & Commerce
  • Hollywood & Games: The Future of Storytelling and Franchise Building
  • Getting in Sync: Emerging Tools and Strategies for Easier Music Sync Licensing
  • Spreading the Word: Rights, Royalties and Collections for Podcasts and Spoken Word Audio
  • Bridging the Music Data Divide: Are We There Yet?
  • The Rise of Music Livestreaming
  • View from the Top: What's Next In Podcasting
  • Music and the Metaverse: The Massive Opportunity for Artists and Labels

And more. View the full speaker list:

Visionary talks with Visionary Leaders – Marc Geiger

Visionary talks with Visionary Leaders - Marc Geiger

Marc Geiger has distinguished himself over the last two plus decades as one of the most inventive visioneers in the entertainment, digital tech & music industries. He has been one of the world’s most influential music & tech agents, globally representing the world’s leading creative talent, artists & tech leaders & also a long-time confidant of Trent Reznor, the founder of Nine Inch Nails (NIN) & composer of the music for the movie “The Social Network”.

Harvard Business School Professor Dr Ashley Whillans, world expert in time-saving

Harvard Business School Professor Dr Ashley Whillans, world expert in time-saving

There’s an 80 percent chance you’re poor. Time poor, that is. Four out of five adults report feeling that they have too much to do & not enough time to do it. These time-poor people experience less joy each day. They laugh less. They are less healthy & less productive. How can we escape the time traps that make us feel this way & keep us from living our best lives?

Author and Harvard Business School Professor Ashley Whillans explains to Mobilium’s Ralph Simon proven strategies for improving your “time affluence.” The scientifically-grounded techniques that Professor Whillans provides, will free up seconds, minutes, & hours that, over the long term, become weeks & months that you can reinvest in positive, healthy activities – & feel a whole lot better, especially during the Covid pandemic times.

Interview with the International “Song Whisperer” Wendy Parr

Who trains & guides top recording artists & song writers to perfect their art and their craft, create major hits & grow their global online audiences ? See this video from TEDx Gateway in India where renowned ‘Song Whisperer” Wendy Parr is interviewed by Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon – you’ll learn a lot.

Lee Trink - CEO of FaZeClan World’s top eSports & Gaming Company

WHO KNEW The Smartest People In The Room with Lee Trink and Ralph Simon This promises to be the capstone episode of this series for 2020!

WHO KNEW is thrilled to have Ralph Simon, the music industry’s international goodwill ambassador back in the host seat and leading an amazing discussion with FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink. FaZe Clan is currently No. 1 in the Global eSports Power Rankings. They have around 230m fans/followers on social media and there are about 80 players in the team that competes in video game competitions around the world. This interview with Lee Trink is a must for all in the music, music publishing, video game, and eSports business.

Top Human Skills Expert Sallyann Della Casa, Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC

TEDxGateway Conversation featuring Sallyann Della Casa, Chief Identity Hacker (GLEAC) in conversation with Ralph Simon (Founder, Mobilium Global)

Topic: Why Human Skills May Matter More Than Educational Degrees

Date: Saturday, 5th Dec 2020 at 6:00 PM IST

Does just graduating from one of the top schools guarantee you a job?
Does 10+ years of senior level experience ensure your future employability? Not necessarily.

In fact, someone who may seemingly not have your caliber of education or experience continuously gets a better job. This, coupled with notices stating that many jobs will be automated and that upskilling is the need of the hour to guarantee yourself a high paying job in the future, are all worrisome thoughts for the working population.

Join Sallyann Della Casa, as she de-codes how you can stand out and reshape yourself to be a suitable future candidate.

Why should you attend?

Join Ms. Sallyann Della Casa on this webinar as she reveals the secret of living a life that is tall, wide and large as their own human potential. Discover skills we already have and should be focusing on developing further that have contributed to the success of Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Sundar Pichai and Kamala Harris.

Tune in to learn how to discover your own Skills GPS, guaranteeing you jobs in the future, even those not invented yet.