Are you a “Screenager”?

What does this Mean? “Screenager”?

The world is being dominated by “Screenagers” of all ages.  Do you know anybody who doesn’t watch a screen?  A smartphone screen?  A tablet or iPad Screen? A TV screen?  A car dashboard screen? A movie screen?  A public advertising billboard screen?  It is said from a variety of market research sources, that screen watching is now an almost dominant human activity.  Therefore, could it be said that we are ALL “Screenagers”?

From age 5 to age 96 – we are living in an era and world of “Screenagers” – for social media, for news, for info, for health and wellness, for family interactions and for buying online – yes, “Screenagers” are what the world has become.  Will this reduce and will the trend be to watch less on a screen?

No !   All studies and market research reflects the fact that screen watching by “Screenagers” will continue to become more and more ubiquitous.

This is one of the reasons why Mobilium Global takes such a deep and keen interest in the patterns of new “Screenager” behaviors – its the way of the modern world.