Who We Are

Think “Global.”  Think “Glocal”.

Use Mobile.

Mobilium provides expert thought leadership in mobile growth, business consequence and strategy.

Founded in 2004 by Ralph Simon, the company is an activist think tank and font of mobile knowledge.  Simon and his team work with a core of trusted executives and team leaders around the world to create innovative and commercial strategies to incorporate and enhance  mobile as an effective platform to augment brand authenticity, to enhance media, technology and social networking companies, and to establish next-wave mobile and mobile commerce start ups.By developing new applications platforms and introducing mobile content, mobile commerce, mobile entertainment properties and mobile technologies to produce a dynamic cross-platform plan, Mobilium positions companies to grow revenues, provides unique mobile strategies to enhance revenue and  market share, and increase their value and commercial operations.

From long-range “visioneering” to short-term problem solving, Mobilium excels in understanding how to “mobilize” existing assets to create intuitive mobile strategies. These will increase the reach of your product, brand and/or service and expand public awareness of your company, improving your bottom line , and offering linkage to secure trust in the many millions of mobile consumers worldwide.

Mobilium has offices in London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Johannesburg and Helsinki.

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