What We Do

…We Connect You

We connect you and your business to the dynamic world of mobile and mobile social connectivity.

Mobilium provides insight and contributes practical expertise and guidance to clients around the world who need to develop or enhance their mobile strategy and deploy cutting-edge mobile technologies as part of their long-range plan for sustainable revenue generation through brands and commercial growth.

We have expertise in all aspects of mobile and mobile phones


  • Development of mobile strategies for companies
  • Mobile business development and strategic mapping
  • Mobile content and copyright usage
  • Mobile rights architecture and platform creation
  • Mobile platforms and applications worldwide
  • International distribution across all platforms
  • Publishing and mobile rights across all media
  • Effective use of mobile as a platform for film/video content
  • Cross-territory delivery, platform planning, guidance and architecture

We assemble senior-level international teams to create and execute

  • Applications, platform building and architecture
  • Mobile entertainment – (music/film/video/games/social networking)
  • Brand development and management
  • Mobile Web and streaming strategies

We can help you

  • Expand your company’s thought leadership in mobile
  • Understand why you should embrace mobile
  • Focus and energize the drive and mission of your company’s initiatives in mobile
  • Formulate world-class strategies and execute realistic tactics to achieve revenue growth
  • Create and build successful, innovative mobile assets
  • Transform your company into a model of mobile content development, cross-platform integration and commercial consequence

We can also

  • Prepare you or senior executives to speak publicly, and with command, about mobile and your company’s mobile strategy
  • Construct thought-provoking materials articulating your company’s commitment
    • to the future of your assets or brand(s),
    •  to mobile media, and
    • to your mobile consumers
  • Chair and conduct high-level meetings or conference sessions on mobile, including all aspects of mobile commerce, advertising and media