Mobilium Luminaries

In this segment, we salute  some of the individuals that have been responsible for changing the world through ingenuity in Mobile:


Vint Cerf – without him, where would we be ?

A true visionary thinker and creator.  We owe Vint a ton of respect and thanks !


Sir Timothy Berners-Lee – his insight and development of HTML5 changed the way the internet worked, and widened its usage globally in a way that only dreamers could have predicted.


Jeff Pulver – the great visionary that foresaw best use of 140 characters

One of the most original and creative thinkers in social mobile media.  Jeff is a font of knowledge and  key driver of what is coming next across a range of mobile and wireless areas.  Make a point of attending his New York conference, – The 140 Conference in New York City where it is held each year.  Jeff has been a mobile visionary for many years.  He invented the ground-breaking mobile company Vonnage, and is someone always right on the cutting edge of what’s coming next.

Professor Peter Bruck – head of the New Media Centre at the University of Salzburg, Austria – and also the founder and organiser of the World Summit Awards and World Youth Summit Awards – a subset of the United Nations’ Millenium Goals organisation and platforms. professor Bruck is also at the apex of all of Austria’s technology research oversight and plays a key role in fostering new technology, innovation and also, core imperatives tied to the UN’s Millenium Goals.  A respected academic and business thinker, Professor Bruck is renowned for having created the World Summit Awards and fostering innovation around the world.  He has just recently – October – been in Montreal at the World Congress for IT and the 2012 World Youth Summit Awards, which he and his team organised and created – and continue doing so.  2013 will see the WYSA take place in Abu Dhabi.

Jesse Dylan   – Creative visioneer, film-maker, trans-media leader.  Jesse is one of the most sought after and well respected creative figures in the new media space.  In 2008, he created the ground-breaking video for Barack Obama’s then presidential campaign, titled “Yes We Can” – which featured and about 20 or more artists citing the Obama campaign mantra: “yes We Can”.  Many people believe that that video was instrumental in getting folks out to vote for Obama to become President of the USA.  Mobilium has a close linkage with Jesse.

Rob McCray – Executive Director of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance is one of the world’s leading experts in the fast-growing area of Mobile Health and Mobile health products.  Connected health is one of the fast-moving categories as mobile phones assume a key new significance in helping miiions maintain good health, diagnose disease and medical conditions in a manner not seen previously, and in seeing the emergence of a range of new products that are guaranteed to change long-standing paradigms.