Mobilium Global at Founders Forum  – the London Edition – on 11-12th June 2014


Dateline: Wimpole Street, London – The Royal Society of Medicine (founded in 1805): “Insideables” – this is the hot new area of ‘connected’ health and meds – Insideables ? You swallow something and inside of you, it communicates with your wireless device. Dr Catherine Howe is holding a tiny bottle that contains a swallowable pill that, when in your tummy, communicates with the ‘connected’ patch on your arm that Dr George Savage , co-founder & CMO of Proteus Digital Health is holding. The patch sends text messages to your mobile phone or device, keeping you in immediate touch with your condition & vital organs. Is this the personal telemetry and healthcare tool set of the future ? Good chance that it is. l to r. Dr Catherine Mohr ME MSME – Consulting Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Stanford University & Senior Director of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical Inc. in Silicon Valley; Dr George Savage, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Proteus Digital Health, Silicon Valley; Mobilium Global chairman Ralph Simon; Dr Daniel Kraft, Faculty chair/Executive Director at Singularity University – Exponential Medicine Faculty, & founder of FutureMed: a true global leader in “connected” health.


Dateline: The Grove, Hertfordshire, England – seen at the intriguing session called ‘The Future of TV’ are key participants Neeraj Roy, CEO and founder of Hungama Digital, India’s leading social media and mobile company; Chad Hurley, co-inventor and creator of YouTube, and now growing his start up, Mixbit; meeting up with Mobilium Global chairman Ralph Simon – at the recent annual Founders’ Forum conference and entrepreneurial gathering in the UK.