‘Glocal’ Mobile Warrior

The Global Mobile Warrior – what kind of title is that ? (Global + Local)

Well, its exactly what it says – we are on a relentless search for the very best new ways in which mobile and multi-screen developments are changing and shaping the world, helping mobile users get better lives, using mobile devices to actually save lives and promote good health and wellness world-wide, and encouraging and growing a new generation of software and mobile creators and developers to come up with great technology, applications, software, devices and new ways of making people’s lives better in every respect.

Are we worriers or Warriors ?  We do worry about data intrusion and we do worry about unscrupulous operators and plunderers of intellectual property.  However, we are Mobile Warriors in the sense that we travel the world looking for the best and brightest in all aspects of the modern mobile industry.

 Will you join us ?

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