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Mobilium serves clients across over 60 countries on six continents, including the BRICs & African countries. Our considerable experience over many years plus international trans-cultural strategic expertise has very real impact value in today’s multi-cultural business & product & platform development environment. Operating around the globe affords Mobilium Global first-hand insight & exposure to understanding the urgency of deploying effective “positive disruption” across all aspects of mobile implementation, devices & smartphones. Today’s globalised business imperatives and the need for specialised “gamification” is key in growing revenues & business for companies involved in content, online customer value & acquisition in media, business strategy, and the fast-growing areas of connected health, wellness & exponential medicine.

We work closely with clients affected by the shifting landscapes in established & global markets to develop innovative approaches for successful mobile integration that have contextual and colloquial relevance in the markets & conditions our clients operate in. As part of our engagement, we brief & alert our worldwide clientele to pertinent emerging trends relevant to their businesses and recommend specific action plans and targeted strategies that specifically enhance our clients’ businesses & objectives.




Mobilium Global and our Mobilium Africa Health and Wellness practice, are leaders and pioneers in the fast–growing area of Mobile Health and Wellness. Increasingly, mobile phone and tablet users are now accessing significant Health and Wellness platforms, applications and business opportunities in what is progressively becoming a new & pertinent business development area. Mobilium Global’s team in Africa, Mobilium Africa, have architected, developed and built Africa’s first-ever Mobile Health Delivery Network, which is delivered through Africa’s leading telco operator. Mobile Health and Wellness is a platform of interest to governments’ Health Ministeries, insurance groups, apps developers and consumers alike. It will continue to be a focus of growth and focus in the coming 5 years. Mobilium Global & Mobilium Africa are leaders in the area of Exponential Connected Health & Wellness development, ‘Personal Telemetry and the future of smartphone diagnostics for health & wellness.


Mobilium is one of the world’s leading specialists in all aspects of mobile commerce & business in the areas of: Mobile health, Emerging Markets’ expertise, and in the social media & entertainment content industries internationally, ranging from media conglomerates healthcare providers, government bodies and all businesses that now need to deploy “mobile” and “Positive Disruption” in their operating businesses. We apply best practices cross-culturally – and work with specialist teams experienced in mobile integration, content development and platform architecture – to ensure that every client has robust, revenue-generating and effective mobile platforms and content for reaching an ever-expanding, sophisticated & international smartphone & tablet-using client base & audience.


Mobilium provides advisory services on a formal and informal basis for a range of major telecommunications carriers around the world. Please contact us for additional information



Mobilium provides confidential advisory and knowledge services on a formal and informal basis to top handset makers around the world. Please contact us for additional information





Mobilium has contributed expertise to some of the biggest live, televised events ever – Live 8, Al Gore’s Live Earth, TED Conference’s Pangea Day & many more. Mobilium has been featured in various TED & TEDx conferences around the world & also worked with the producing team for all live entertainment during the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer in South Africa. We did so too, for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We are often called upon to guide and advise governments, corporations, international media companies and major brands for cross-media global TV events around the world, and have a dedicated strategic unit that brings specialized expertise to this area for clients, companies and governments.


Mobilium Global is constantly on a relentless search for the best new start-ups around the world, in the areas of Exponential Health & Wellness, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Fin Tech, Agricultural Tech, Educational Tech and media & content paltforms that are major change agents around the world. Our focus with these start-ups is always to look for companies and platforms that have specific local contextual relevance.   Mobilium has funded start-ups and helped baby companies grow their revenue and reach, ultimately resulting in acquisitionWe welcome your inquiry.

We have our pulse on today’s “Screenagers” and commercial mobile users, & have our ear to tomorrow’s. Our ability to interface with infrastructure providers, telco operators, and media companies, plus our intimate understanding of large-scale social media production, put Mobilium in an optimal position to help your company “mobilize” for the future.