February 29th  – The Mobile World Congress

3.45 – 5.50 pm – its going to be a major initiative announcement !


March 14-16, 2012

India – We will be doing a special session at FICCI Frames, the key annual Bollywood industry gathering that sees the top decision-makers in Indian Bollywood, and mobile social media and social broadcasting coming to hear what’s coming next.


March 16 – 18, 2012

X Media Lab – Bath, England

A key gathering of the best and the brightest in cross-media, trans-media including some of the ‘bleeding edge’ creators and ‘evolutionaries’ in the cross media space.

March 21 -23, 2012

Canadian Music Week, Toronto


April 17-19, 2012

East Africa Com – Africa is rising to the mobile challenge and this gathering will be a key place to gauge the accelerated progress of mobile content and mobile social media in Africa – 800m mobile subscribers and growing.

May 8-10, 2012

CTIA – New Orleans

The big daddy of all North American mobile gatherings takes place in New Orleans.  Its the key place and event to find out what is coming next in mobile and mobile platforms in the Americas, and promises to be and give key “learnings” to those who attend.


May 22-24, 2012

Music Matters/Digital Matters, Singapore

This annual event in Singapore, is a must attend for all interested in what is happening and coming next in mobile, social music, social media and social broadcasting in Asia, Asia Pacific and Australasia.  This is a key gathering of the top decision-makers in one of the fast growth spots for mobile content world-wide.

June 11-12, 2012

The 140 Conference, New York City

Created by the amazing thought leader, Jeff Pulver, the 140 Conference is a key event in the USA that brings to the fore, some of the top creative thinkers and doers in social media in North America.  It always produces a launch or announcement that has profound impact on what is to come in the next 2 years in mobile, online and the Tweetscape.

Autumn and Winter 2012 – here is the program and schedule between October – December 2012:


October 11 – 13   African Leadership Network annual gathering

Accra in Ghana – the annual gathering of africa’s top 400 digerati and business leaders – discussing what’s coming next in the “new” Africa.


October 15    Helsinki, Finland – specialised meetings with Mobilium Finland associates and office.

October 18 – 20  Amsterdam Dance Event – ADE – the annual gathering of the world’s top DJs and specialists and experts in the Electronic Dance Media business and area.  We will be appearing on the special sessions looking at what is coming next with mobile and the dance music community.  Sharing the stage with Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records and writer of “Warm Leatherette” and also Seth Goldstein, the great future thinker and head of


October 22 – 25   World Summit on Information Technology – Montreal, Canada

Gathering of the world’s top IT thinkers and creators, and also several Ministers of IT and Telecomms from governments around the world – Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Macedonia and others.

October 26-27   WIRED UK Annual conference and gathering under the leadership of editor, David Rowan


October 30   Keynote address at the Pioneers Festival, Vienna, Austria

October 31 – November 3   Keynote and participation at the Moscow Forum for Innovative Development – alongside leading thinkers and entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson, President Vladimir Putin, Esther Dyson, and Russia’s leading thinkers and digital and tech entrepreneurs.

November 6-7   India’s major anual music conference and gathering.  Keynoting and moderating

sessions at the india Comes With Music convention – Mumbai, India.

December 2   TEDx  Gateway – Appearance at this important gathering in Mumbai – the 3rd TEDx Gateway and a gathering of the top new tech and thinkers in Mumbai, India

December 5-9  Keynote address at Infocom 2012 in Calcutta, India – a key gathering of the top thinkers and o-ers in West Bengal and India

December 12  Milan, Italy – key gathering of top tech thinkers and entrepreneurs.


The place to be,  if you are in mobile or interested in what’s coming next in mobile around and world and in your neck of the global woods.




What an exciting year this is going to be.  Many important gatherings and events and opportunities for Mobilium to be able to show its wide reach and knowledge base, and also to grow new business and mobile opportunities around the world.  Here are some of the events that we will be participating in during the course of the first 6 months of 2013:


January 26 – 30     MIDEM – the 42nd annual International Music convention in Cannes, France.  We will be keynoting at the event and also meeting all of our good friends from the music, music publishing and social broadcasting businesses.

February 3 – 5    Abu Dhabi, UAE – Officiating as a Global Juror in the annual World Summit Awards judging to find the world’s top mobile applications.  Also the venue for the annual awards event to honour the winners of each of the 16 categories in the World Summit Awards and the World Youth Summit Awards

February 11 -14   Stellenbosch, South Africa – Keynote address at the Hasso Plattner Ventures Annual Conference – a gathering of the top digital experts and entrepreneurs in Southern and Central Africa.  We will be doing a special keynote address to the conference outlining the massive potential for a new mobile platform in Africa and also introducing the notion of Mobile Health and Connected Health and Wellness in Africa.  This is a key event that brings together Africa’s top digital thinkers, and the entrepreneurs and digerati from Africa’s leading social media companies and digital businesses.

February 25 – March 2   TED Conference – Long Beach California     Having been a long time TED attendee, this is one of the great annual gatherings of the year.  TED has always attracted the very best and brightest minds around the world.  We will also be having a bunch of meetings on the fringes of the event with leading thinkers and digerati from around the world.  We will be taking as our guest this year, the Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the former Rhodes scholar and PhD in Robotics and former professor at MIT University, the Honourable Dr Arthur Mutambara.  Dr Mutambara is a key thinker in the “new” Africa.

March 12 – 14    FICCI Frames Bollywood Conference, Mumbai – INDIA.  FICCI Frames celebrate their 11th annual conference where the heads of the major Bollywood studios, TV and content companies and top mobile and entertainment executives gather together to discuss the latest trends and new developments in Bollywood and the Indian entertainment industry.  We have been playing a role in helping organise some of the key elements of the FICCI Frames program, bringing some of the world’s top entertainment executives to Mumbai.  One of the standout executives is the Dean of the UCLA School of Film and Theatre, from Los Angeles, Dr Teri Schwartz.  Teri is a leading voice in Hollywood for the growth and development of new creative talent in Hollywood, and is keen to establish close links between Hollywood and Bollywood.

March 20 – 23   Canadian Music Week, Toronto, CANADA.  This 30th annual conference in Toronto, is the key event in Canada to recognise and focus on the latest developments in the social music, social media, social broadcasting and publishing businesses.  We will be conducting two of the major keynote interviews at the Canadian Music Week.  We will be interviewing noted music producers and thinkers, Bob Ezrin (producer of Pink Floyd, Lang Lang, Alice Cooper, KISS and many others), and also, Steve Lillywhite, the producer of U2, The Dave Matthews Band and many more distinguished artists.  We will also be renewing our links with many of Canada’s top radio and social media executives, and also meeting up with the many executives that fly in to Toronto from New York and the USA.

April 8-10   Manama, Bahrain.  The Bahrain International eGovernment summit.  We will be doing a special keynote on the latest trends to affect and inlfuence the shape of eGovernment to the UAE and Middle East.  The eGovernment Summit is an important annual event in the Middle East and UAE, and acts a key event to show the latest trends in best practice in eGovernment solutions and applications.  We will also have the honour of meeting at the Royal Palace, with the Crown Prince of Bahrain.  Bahrain is keen to show its mettle in the area of eGovernment and transparency of government institutions using modern technology and technologies.

April 18-20  Unreasonable AT Sea Gathering in Casablanca, Morocco.  Special visit to Casablanca to meet and have discussions with the team that created the special Unreasonable at Sea gathering on a boat that sees 500+ students, techies, disruptors, entrepreneusr and creative leaders, take a group to 15 countries visiting 20 ports around the world and Africa.  We will be meeting with the Unreasonable Institute creator, Daniel Epstein and head of media, Laura Anne Edwards and also meeting with the American Consul-General in Casablanca.

May 5 – 8 Musexpo Convention, Los Angeles.  We will be keynoting and interviewing leaders in the US music and social media insutries in Los Angeles at the Hollywood based Musexpo, the great annual event put together by noted entertainment leader and executive, Sat Bisla.    We will be conducting a special State of the Entertainment Union session examining the latest trends in the global music and social media and social music business.

May 10 – 12 Krakow, Poland   Special visit to Poland for meetings with key Eastern European social media executives.

May 21 -24 Music Matters/Digital Matters, Singapore.  This is Asia-Pacific’s premier and ost important gathering of the top executives and decision-makers from across Asia.  Some 1,500 executives get together to discuss the latest trends in social media, digital media, video games, social broadcasting, music, music publishing and live entertainment at the incredible event organised by Jasper Donat and his outstanding team from Branded Limited, the Hong Kong based convention organisers and creators.  We will be doing special keynote interviews with Justin Timberlake’s manager, Johnny Wright, and also doing a keynote interview with the global President of Digital Business for the largest music organisation in  the world – Universal Music Group – their President, Rob Wells, will be the keynote interviewee we will be speaking with.

May 29 -30  Wireless Life sciences Alliance Convergence Summit, San Diego, California.  We are on the advisory board of the world’s leading organisation that is harnessing and assembling all aspects of the Wireless Health & Wellness Industry, and the so called Connected health Industry.  This annual gathering of the top companies, executives and creators in modern health and medicine takes place each year in san Diego and sees the coming together of the latest trends and movements in wireless and connected health practice, devices, technology and software.  We will be keynoting and doing a special presentation on the emergence of Connected Health and Mobile Health and Wellness in Africa.  There is so much potential and development in this exciting field, that it is clear that mobile is going to be playing an ever growing role in the provision of health, medicine and diagnostic care in the emerging markets.

June 3 – 5 – The World Copyright & Creators Summit in Washington DC.  Once every two years, the global specialists in copyright and publishing gather to discuss the latest developments in publishing, the use of copyright and how the new digital world is properly meeting their obligations to creators, writers, composers and the developers of Intellectual Property.  We will be conducting a special session with the great Indian composer and Creator, Javed Akhtar, and also interviewing the former Minister of Culture in Brazil, Ana de Hollanda and also interviewing the noted Peruvian singing star and composer, and also Minister of Culture to the Organisation of American States, Susana Baca.  This is a great opportunity to also meet and have discussions with the world leaders in intellectual property superintendence, including the head of the US Copyright Office, and leaders from around the world who manage and run the world’s Copyright Societies and those shaping the future of creative rights.

June 7 – 9   Zanzibar, Tanzania      Meet with the leaders and founder of the African Leadership Union and some of the top entrepreneurs from Africa .

June 9 – 11   New Music Seminar 2013, New York City – Taking part and conducting two vitally important keynote sessions at the New Music Seminar, the annual gathering of the top thinkers and entrepreneurs and executives in the music and social broadcasting industries.  We will be interviewing the heads of 3 of the major music companies, and also interviewing the leaders of the most go ahead and innovative modern digital music companies, including Spotify, Muve, PMT-Americas, Warner Music Group and Deeze.  This is where the future of social music and social broadcasting is cast, and is the perfect gathering to determine how the global social music business can become a $100bn industry.

June 12-14  Founders Forum, London and Windsor Castle.   Probably one of the most important and significant gatherings of the world’s top entrepreneurs.  Founders Forum sees a gathering of some of the world’s top business creators and developers, including Sir Richard Branson, Strive Matsiwiya, Dr Daniel Kraft, Brent Hoberman who founded, and all of this is put together by the Founders Forum under the patronage of Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family.  The event will also include a special dinner gala at Windsor Castle, hosted by Prince Andrew.  It is an amazing event and gathering where new ideas and massive global entrepreneurial innovation is hatched, matched and dispatched.

June 24-26  RAsia Forum in Moscow.  This gathering brings together the best of Russia and the best of Asia – thus RAsia.  Assembled and produced by the great Russian entrepreneur, Alexander Shulgin, this important gathering in the Russian capital, Moscow shows the increasing links between Eastern Europe and Asia.  We will be doing a special keynote address on what is coming next in terms of trends and new social media in this exciting and developing part of the modern world.

June 27-28  Trigger Conference, Borlange, Sweden – we will be participating in this high level think tank gathering of some of the top digerati and creative industry thinkers who gather in North East Sweden for this important annual gathering.

June 29 – Dublin, Ireland Special gathering and keynote address to a special conference of the top executives and thinkers in the Creative Industries in Ireland.


September 25   New York City – Special gathering hosted by Gordon Brown – former British Prime Minister, and now, official United Nationa Education Envoy.

October 2 – 5, 2013   The annual gathering of the African Leadership Network in Mauritius, off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

October 30, 2013 – The Pioneers Festival, Vienna.  This is without doubt one of the very best conferences and gatherings in the world. Held in the Royal Palace in Vienna, Pioneers brings together the world’s top innovators, start ups and tech stars to talk about what’s coming next.  This year we will be doing something special with Seth Goldstein, the creator of and  Dont miss Vienna – its a real treat at Pioneers.

October 31 – November 1

The Moscow Forum for Open Innovation – the most significant gathering for innovation in Eastern Europe and Russia and the CIS countries.  Mobilium will be participating in a number of the sessions at this key event.

November 21 – 22, 2013

St Petersburg, Russia – We will be participating in the annual Russian VAS Conference, produced by Michael Novikov.


November 26-27, 2013

Mumbai India – sees the 2013 annual Music Matters India event.  We have been participating in this important Indian gathering for the past few years and it is always excellently organised by Jasper Donat and his Branded Asia team from Hong Kong.  If you want to get the scoop on what’s happening with music in India on all levels, this is the place to be at.

December 5 – 8, 2013

Calcutta, India – keynote speaker at the annual Infocom 2013 conference and gathering produced and put on by APB the leading media group from West Bengal, India.

December 8, 2013

TEDx Mumbai – we will be participating in TEDx Mumbai again this year.  Brilliantly organised, this is a key event in Mumbai and attracts a sold out audience who book weeks in advance.


Much more to come.

Watch this space.