2013: Mobilium’s Annual Hot News, Views and You!

2013 – What’s been happening in 2013?

RS & Will I Am

Mobilium have been very active in 2013. In our relentless search for important developments in mobile, mobile technologies and API’s that make a central difference to our clients’ businesses, brands and projects, we have found some compelling new developments in the Emerging Markets of Africa, India, LATAM and Russia, all worthy of a mention.  Here’s a quick rundown of some of the places and things we have seen and interacted with:

January 2013 

We were active in the big international digital music and digital social media gathering in Cannes, France, known as MIDEM – the 42nd annual gathering of this event in Cannes, in France.  Hot new trends in digital music including “Access-only” platforms were unveiled, and the way in which music can be used in mobile and with API’s bears some attention – especially if you or your company want to widen your social media and multi-screen relevance.

February 2013 

This has been a very hectic month for Mobilium and its associates and teams across the major mobile markets.  We were active in the UAE in Abu Dhabi, in Africa with some of the smartest mobile and tech developers in Southern Africa and also in Silicon Valley.  We also participated in the 2013 main TED Conference, where we met and interacted with some of the world’s great innovation thinkers and inventors – including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the main driver behind the HTML5 language(s) and the individual globally recognised for bringing a whole new breadth to the internet and its spread across the world.  A number of key new projects, business and initiatives came out of this active and busy month.

Mobilium and Ralph Simon participated in the important World Summit Awards.  Ralph Simon is a member of the global jury of the United Nations’ and UN Millennium Goals organisation known as the World Summit Awards, and the World Youth Summit Awards.  Organised through the Centre for New Media in Salzburg, Austria, through the excellence and efforts of Professor Peter Bruck and his team, UN member states submit the best of their mobile apps into a global contest and competition to find the very best new mobile apps and APIs in around 12 categories – including Governance, Health, Environment, Media, Travel, History, Mobile Commerce and Money, Mobile retail and more – and choose the world’s best in each category.  Entries were received from over 100 countries, and the category winners came from a wide variety of UN member states including Chile, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Hungary.  The 2013 World Summit Awards will take place in October in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital – and this year’s competition and events promise to be a great showcase of some of the leading developments in the mobile sphere.  Its important to note that many new and exciting innovations are coming from the Emerging Markets and countries.  Don’t be surprised if you see that Africa dramatically rises with some stellar examples of best in breed mobile developments.  A case in point is how Kenya has become the world leader in mobile money and mobile commerce.  Their ground-breaking M-Pesa system of a few years ago has become the model for global mobile money and mobile commerce platforms and API construction.  The World Summit Awards are presented under the auspices of the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr Thomas Steltzer – he has been a key driver of this initiative in the UN, as he is also responsible for all inter-agency co-ordination within the UN.  In 2015, he will be hosting the massive and global review of the Millennium Goals, some 15 years after the formulation and commencement of the Millennium Goals – the UN’s initiative to reduce poverty, increase education and also, to accelerate online and mobile inter-connectivity for all.

Mobilium play a key role in this initiative and will be participating in the 2013 jury and search for the world’s best mobile apps and APIs.

March 2013  

A big focus in March has been the rapid growth of mobile money, mobile commerce and new way in which entertainment can be served as a mobile driver for retail and mobile commerce.  Mobilium have also been working on new ways to allow for what are becoming known as “Glocal” products.  What is global but yet, still and also “local”?  How can one get one’s content or product appeal to millions of mobile users and subscribers in non-English countries?  How does one take say, English content and make it very desirable in Mandarin for China, or in Hindi and Tamil for India or say, in Behasa for the many millions of mobile users and subscribers in Indonesia?  Mobilium has some terrific new ways of doing this and helping brands and media companies get to a whole new constellation of users – in their own language.  How about Lady Gaga singing in Mandarin?  Or, how about a prominent global figure or politician like, say a Bill Clinton being able to deliver a political or Clinton Global Foundation speech in Spanish or Yoruba ?

March also saw Mobilium playing a key role in Canada’s annual and important Canadian Music Week gathering, conference and convention.  Ralph Simon was brought in to do the keynote interviews with two of the world’s best known and most successful creative producers, Bob Ezrin – he produced Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and is also working with China’s famed classical virtuoso, Lang Lang; and also, with LA-based British producer and long-time creative producer of U2, The Dave Matthews Band and others.

Mobilium also participated in the important annual Bollywood convention and conference gathering in Mumbai, India, known as FICCI Frames 2013.  FICCI Frames is the most important annual gathering for the Indian movie and TV industry and is the place where the latest trends  in cinema and TV arts, as well as the latest developments in what is now known as the Multi-Screen worlds, can be presented and assessed.  It is becoming clear that Multi-Screen usage is growing exponentially around the world as subscribers and users tend to view and look at more than one screen – more than the TV screen, more than the mobile screen – yes, it’s multi-screens !  Ralph Simon is a close associate of Gary Schwartz, the Canadian recognised as the world’s leading authority on Multi-Screen usage for retail and for stimulating retail.

April 2013  

Mobilium played a central role this year at the Bahrain International eGovernment Forum.  This important gathering took place in Manama, Bahrain and showcased the latest developments in the world of electronic government, and how to use Big Data to make government, local governance and municipalities more transparent – and allow consumers and citizens easier ways of conducting and controlling their lives and lifestyles.  With manifold developments in better energy usage using technology and APIs, plus the wider embedding of multi-screen solutions into daily life, those governments and countries with enlightened high tech policies are going to be the first to benefit as their citizens become increasingly able to “see” data usage and consumption in ways that enhance their lives and daily living.  The Gulf and especially Bahrain could become the next major incubation zone and spot for finding new ways of enhancing the lives of millions of Arab-speaking consumers in the Gulf, the UAE, the CC and the North African Arab countries.

May 2013

Mobilium will be involved in a variety of new initiatives in May and key activities will be shown and grown in Asia and Asia-Pacific (Singapore and Hong Kong), and also in California with some hot new Los Angeles and San Francisco-based start-ups.

In addition, special focus is going to be given and shown to the area of Mobile Health and Mobile Wellness.  Mobilium play a key role on the board of the global Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, the San Diego-based body that governs the global growth of connected and mobile health and wellness.  Watch this space – some very interesting announcements concerning connected and mobile health apps, platforms, products and APIs will be announced soon.

Watch out – here comes summer!

Summer’s gone – now on to the new year that begins in September 2013:

September 2013

A lot of activity this month for Mobilium Global and Mobilium Africa who are launching their Smart Health Hub mobile health network across Africa on September 26th.

 Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=za.co.mobilium.globalfund&hl=en

October 2013

Much activity with the annual gathering of the African Leadership Network in Mauritius – a great time to get a handle on what is ticking, clicking and sticking in Africa and the vast potential of the African mobile industry and contextual content creation.  Visits lined up to Salzburg, Vienna, Moscow, Dubai, Sri Lanka

November 2013

We have many visits to Africa and India lined up for some exciting new projects, work and speaking visits to key new mobile territories.

December 2013

Asia-Pac visits this month will include Laos and Vietnam – two increasingly important test markets for mobile health and wellness and education.